Why Am I Going to the Backspace Agent Author Seminar?

  • Two days of panel discussions and small-group workshops with ONLY  literary agents on the program!
  • Attendance limited to 100 authors.
  • Amazing group of professional and talented aspiring authors.
  • Down-to-earth published authors who take the time to advise newbies.
  • Feedback from multiple agents on my query and first two pages.
  • A pre-query letter opportunity. I can still query agents who critique my query and 2 pages after I revise them.
  • The conference is open to all genres.
  • There are panels chock full of relevant and useful information on the publishing industry and the author life cycle.
  • Backspace Conference in 2010 led to manuscript revisions that got me over a dozen full manuscript requests and a bunch of partial requests.
  • The energy at this conference is infectious.
  • I love going back to NYC.
The Backspace Agent Author Seminar is November 3-4, 2011. Spaces are almost all filled up.
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2 Responses to Why Am I Going to the Backspace Agent Author Seminar?

  1. berry says:

    Good luck sounds like amazing chance.

    • Thanks! It’s a win-win situation. Maybe an agent likes your stuff and requests more. Maybe they hate it, but they give constructive feedback so you can fix whatever isn’t working. 🙂 Ofc, feedback hurts, but it’s like going to the gym, you ache for a few days but then you come out stronger for it.

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