Teen Wolf–MTV series


This is the best clip I could find on Youtube. Sorry.

We are coming up on episode 5 of MTV’s newest show, Teen Wolf. I haven’t watched every episode but I am kinda sorta hooked in a I’ll-watch-it-if-I-catch-it-on-MTV way.

Tyler Posey is adorable and charmingly likeable as Scott, the socially exiled boy who gets bitten by a wolf. His best friend, Niles, is well-played by Dylan O’Brien and a bit of comic relief/grounder to the story.

Then there’s the hot and mysterious guy Derek who is also a wolf but not the one that bit Tyler. His agenda is unclear wrt Scott.

Scott’s Lacrosse captain, Jackson, is his antagonist in school. Typical jock rivalry thing.

Things get complicated when Scott falls for Allison Argent (stunningly gorgeous) whose father is a wolf hunter.

Allison’s dad is way overplayed as the villain. Between the camera angles, the music, and his demeanor–WE GET IT.

There is also this mysterious alpha wolf that made Scott into a wolf and has the power to call him out. We know next to nothing about him.

Overall, if you are into supernatural stories ala Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you will probably like this show. It’s starting to grow on me.

I loved the double date where Scott, Allison, Allison’s bff (Lydia) and her boyfriend/Scott’s nemesis (Jackson) went bowling.

BTW, the high school kids don’t look 16 or 17. Not quite as bad as the original 90210 cast, but these actors gotta be in their mid 20s.



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2 Responses to Teen Wolf–MTV series

  1. berry says:

    I have to be brutally honest. I am so sick of vampires on tv and in movies and books. They have beaten the subject to death. I would like something new and refreshing.. really.

    Sorry about my comment but enough already.

    • I love vampires. But even I am nearing my fill zone. But well done vampires still appeal to me. It’s the glut of so-so vampires that slay me.

      Comments are opinions, which everyone is entitled to hold. 🙂

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