Green Lantern–Movie Review

Saw the 3-D version of Green Lantern on Saturday. Overall, I enjoyed it. The first 2 minutes were a big backstory dump.  I got that the producer’s intent  was to weave two stories to their intersection, but it was a bit bumpy at first.

They threw several numbers out within 30 seconds of each other and I started to worry I’d be doing math to watch this film. But a few minutes later, it started to make sense. The world building was pretty cool. Loved the concept of Green Lanterns throughout the universe. But I’m a sucker for comic books. Always have been.

Ryan Reynolds does a great job as the cocky pilot with commitment issues. Makes the character come alive. You find yourself rooting for him almost immediately.

Blake Lively played the love interest and did a nice job. I almost didn’t realize it was the Gossip Girl icon. She becomes so grounded with brown hair. 🙂

Wow, was that really Peter Sarsgaard as the villain Hector? He fuglied up like no tomorrow for this role. Clearly, this guy can act because he immersed so well in character that I never realized who the actor was during the movie.

The plot was interesting. I like how they explored the concept of the world being mental and having the power to create what is in your mind. Classic big battle of will vs. fear was well executed.

I like the epic battle good vs. evil movies.

The story moved at a good pace and I didn’t check my watch once.

Loved the Guardians sitting in their granite towers.

The script had several funny moments and poked fun at itself sometimes.

And I am a huge fan of green eyes so I loved how all the Lanterns had them.

The special effects were cool, though I am a sucker for 3-D.

And for another perspective, my 19-year-old male cousin said it was good. Almost as good as Thor but not quite. 🙂

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