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The Query Wars: The Truth, The Truly Bizarre and All That Lies in Between

I have a secret to handling rejections on queries, partials and fulls. It’s not Ben and Jerry’s. Nope. I  share my rejection letters with my trusted critique partner, the fabulous Kat Bender. She’s part of my tribunal in determining what … Continue reading

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Rejection–It’s not you, it’s not me

Veal stew and polenta. A dish common in the Vicenza area of Italy. Delish to me. Maybe disgusting to you. This is where I’m at in the querying process. I’ve heard every reason under the sun to be rejected. And … Continue reading

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Everything’s Kaizen

I just got the forms to participate in the MWA mentorship program! Of course, I shunted aside the other ten things I was working on to get this in ASAP. I think this is such an awesome opportunity. I read … Continue reading

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C.J. Redwine Knows How to Write A Query Letter

Here’s my second to last installment from Killer Nashville and in my mind the most important. Why? Because I stunk at writing query letters until this conference. And C.J. Redwine’s workshop was a big part of turning that around. This … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Agent Author Day at Backspace

Today was the Agent Author Seminar of the Backspace conference. I’m pretty burnt out so I’ll just share the highlights… QUERY TIPS Less is more–shorter queries are better Query style should match project style If make comparisons to other books, … Continue reading

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Backspace Conference Begins

This morning, a 3 day extravaganza–The Backspace Writer’s Conference and Author Agent Seminar begins. Last November, I went to the 2-day event held by Backspace, and it was one of the best experiences. I accomplished more in the past six months … Continue reading

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