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When Your Imprint Shuts Down

What the First Week Feels Like   Sometimes everything falls apart. In a way that all your accomplishments disappear. Like it never even happened.   When my agent quit the business in January, I thought that was the worst thing … Continue reading

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The Most Important Thing About Revision

The Most Important Thing About Revision? Absolute honesty with yourself. Know when you are settling for a good enough because you can’t come up with something better. Good enough is great as a place holder when drafting, but when revising … Continue reading

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Why Don’t You See What I See?

When I read this quote at the Peabody Essex Museum, it resonated with me. I snapped a pic  and filed it away. Fast forward to a few weeks later… I had to listen to a friend tell me how innocent … Continue reading

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Please Ignore Vera Dietz–Book Review

I just finished A.S. King’s book Please Ignore Vera Dietz. It broke my heart. Completely ripped it apart. And I loved it. I’m-wiping-tears-from-my-eyes-now-good read. Her writing made it impossible to put down. The prologue sucked me in with these lines: … Continue reading

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Appreciating the Now

Today, I woke up with a greater appreciation of the Now. I only have two weeks left at my company. And suddenly the morning commute isn’t something I dread. I think whenever there’s an end in sight you can appreciate … Continue reading

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Are you the protagonist or antagonist?

As I develop characters and decide on who is the protagonist and antagonist in my story, I realize real life is not nearly that simple. Sure in my life story I’m the protagonist. But in someone else’s story, I may … Continue reading

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POV: To I or Not to I

One of the biggest problems I’ve had with my manuscript is point of view (POV). Originally, I started with multiple points of view. Then I encountered head hopping, where I would jump amongst perspectives in one scene. It was BAD. … Continue reading

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