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Reblog: The Things People Say

I wrote this post a while back on how snippets of conversation show character so well in real life. It amused  me that these were actual words real people said to each other in the moment. http://kourtneyheintz.wordpress.com/2010/04/20/the-things-people-say/

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Revision & Self Editing–Book Review

James Scott Bell is my hero. An electrifying speaker. I picked up his book at the Writer’s Digest Conference a few months ago. He takes a page-turning, straight-forward approach to revision and self-editing in his book, Revision & Self-Editing. You … Continue reading

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Kristan Higgins’ Book Signing at Durham Library

Last Thursday, I attended Kristan Higgins book signing at Durham Public Library, which is a cozy library where one expects to encounter Lorelei and Rory from the Gilmore Girls. The activity room was filled to capacity with fans of Ms. … Continue reading

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1–Another Well Told Story

  Lately, I watch tv and movies through the lenses of a writer. I can’t seem to stop. Unbelievable characters, confusing plots, slow pacing, and uninteresting protagonists are my biggest turn-offs. So when I catch something I like, I think … Continue reading

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Why Characters Matter From the Get Go

This is my dog, Emerson. I can tell you great stories with amazing plots about Emerson, but right now are you interested? Maybe slightly but not really. I mean he’s cute but why listen to a story about him? Why … Continue reading

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Are you the protagonist or antagonist?

As I develop characters and decide on who is the protagonist and antagonist in my story, I realize real life is not nearly that simple. Sure in my life story I’m the protagonist. But in someone else’s story, I may … Continue reading

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Farm Fresh Murder: Deliciously Good!

I just finished Paige Shelton’s  Farm Fresh Murder and it was a deliciously good read! I hate when I put the clues together before the book is done, but this one kept me on the edge of my seat until the … Continue reading

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POV: To I or Not to I

One of the biggest problems I’ve had with my manuscript is point of view (POV). Originally, I started with multiple points of view. Then I encountered head hopping, where I would jump amongst perspectives in one scene. It was BAD. … Continue reading

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The things people say…

Sometimes I overhear snippets of conversation and I memorize it for future use, knowing at some point one of my characters will use the line. When my close friends read my stories they are always amazed at how tidbits of … Continue reading

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Characters Writing Themselves

As I walked home from the subway tonight, my mind turned away from work and the book I was reading on the train and toward my new character’s life story. I already know who her parents are and how they … Continue reading

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