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The Beauty of Choice

A few years back, I got to know this amazing blogger, August McLaughlin. She started out as a blogging mentor and quickly became a friend. I am honored to be participating in her Beauty of a Woman Blogfest for the third … Continue reading

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Revision Day

When you write “The End” it really is the beginning of the next phase with the manuscript. You aren’t saying goodbye. You’re saying hello to 3-4 months of revising. And as I wrote “The End” I knew the first 5 … Continue reading

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To Change or Not to Change?

So I’m having a major dilemma over the beginning of my book. I think it comes down to two different ways to start a book. I’ve gotten feedback that the story is well set up and feedback that I should … Continue reading

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A Brand New You

I am currently reading  Secondhand Spirits by  Juliet Blackwell.  Her protagonist runs a vintage clothes shop  and is a witch.  It’s a fun read so far. It has an amazing line about how changing clothes is a magical experience. I … Continue reading

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How Much Feedback Can You Take

So you’ve written your novel, you’ve done some revising and you’ve shown it to a few people. But you find the more people you show it to, the more feedback you receive. This should be a good thing. After all … Continue reading

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Appreciating the Now

Today, I woke up with a greater appreciation of the Now. I only have two weeks left at my company. And suddenly the morning commute isn’t something I dread. I think whenever there’s an end in sight you can appreciate … Continue reading

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Hitting Your Groove

Did you ever read a draft of something you wrote and feel vaguely unhappy with it? Like an outfit that doesn’t work but you can’t say what isn’t working. Worse still, every time you try to pinpoint the source of … Continue reading

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When is a friendship over?

If you’re asking this question, it probably ended a long time ago and you were just holding on because it hurts to say goodbye and let things go. Harsh? Yup. Valid? Probably. I was looking through photo albums of the … Continue reading

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