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The Five Things I Would Tell My 20-Year-Old Self

Lately I’ve been thinking. Mostly because it’s the first time in a year and half that my mind is clear and my thought processes are firing again. I can actually do a few things at the same time and do … Continue reading

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Words to Live By

Lately I’ve been thinking about a close friend who left my life way too early. There was so much he planned to do in life. And he never got to finish college. Maybe it’s because he died young that his … Continue reading

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Crimebake Q&A with Charlaine Harris–Summary

We watched one of Charlaine’s favorite episodes of TrueBlood with her (I Will Rise Up from Season 2) and had a Q&A about it on Friday night. Then Saturday there was a Q&A with her during lunch hosted by the … Continue reading

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Write what you know

I read a really interesting article in The Writer magazine about how the concept of writing what you know makes very little sense. In his article, “Write what you know—and be sorry,” Kris Saknussemm drew comparisons to Mordor and bullet ricocheting around … Continue reading

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