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Summer Hours

Summer hours. It’s something lots of companies do. Cut back on work time in the summer. I’ve noticed the blog traffic is trickling in. Ah, summertime. It’s good to disconnect more and get out in the world. So for June, … Continue reading

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Six Train Wins an Award and Reckonings Editorial Process is Underway

    The Six Train to Wisconsin won the National Indie Excellence Awards cross genre fiction category!!! Finaling in a a contest is a great achievement, but it’s really really cool to win one too. ******   On May 8th, … Continue reading

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Writing Process Blog Hop

  Fellow Blogger Kate Johnston invited me to participate in a blog hop about my writing process. Above is a lovely photo of her and below is her awesome bio. I wasn’t able to find a blog bud to hop … Continue reading

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Please Help Me Brainstorm Book Titles

      It’s officially official. And I finally found someone with Publishers Marketplace access to send me the announcement that appeared there about Reckonings (which is being published under my pseudonym K.C. Tansley)! On to a cool bit of news, … Continue reading

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What To Do When Your Agent Quits Agenting

1) Do not panic.  It’s pointless. It’s counterproductive. And won’t help the situation.   2) Promise your emotions you’ll deal with them later, if they stay quiet right now. You have to focus on what’s going to happen next. This … Continue reading

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Author Interview: Talking the Darkness and Light series with K.L. Schwengel

   1. I loved your debut novel, First of Her Kind, can you share your one or two line hook for the book? Thank you, Kourtney, I’m glad you enjoyed it. A one or two line hook, huh? Man, those are … Continue reading

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My Time at the Tucson Festival of Books

  Kat and I headed toward the University of Arizona campus for the start of the Tucson Festival of Books–a free two day event with workshops, panels, and author signings. I had author parking because I was signing books in … Continue reading

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What I Do With Beta Reader Feedback

After I have taken a pass through my first draft, I enlist 2-4 beta readers, people I know who are willing to read my work and give me feedback. Gwen Stephens inspired this post by asking me how I process  my … Continue reading

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