It’s Summertime?


Last Monday I took Grandma E to the doctor and lunch. It was the first time I’ve taken a few hours off on a weekday this summer.

It was 95 that day. As I was driving home I realized that I hadn’t enjoyed much of this summer weather. I’d been cooped up in the Kor cave toiling away on promo work and writing work.

So I made an executive decision, I was going swimming that evening. Didn’t matter that I showered that morning. I couldn’t be bothered to try to coordinate that aspect of my schedule.

At 7 p.m., as I was heading over to my aunt’s pool, our power went out. I didn’t care. I was going. When I arrived, their power was out too. So Grandma H joined me in the pool. My aunt and uncle came up too. There wasn’t much else to do but hang out.

I swam 40 laps. My aunt joked that she was watching the Summer Olympics. My uncle called around to find out what was going on with the power outage.

Grandma H cheered me on. She’d ask, “What lap are you on now?” and then say, “Good, keep going.”

When I told her I was almost done, she said, “Why not do a few more?”

She was loving her pool time. My goal was to swim to my age. But I pushed onward to 40.


TGWIG’s Release is Almost Here

It’s less than a week until the book officially releases. The ebook comes out July 31 and the paperback is August 1. I can’t believe it’s really here.

I’ve been finishing up the posts for the blog tour. Working on school visit workshops. And finishing up the ending of TGWIG’s sequel. Still have a few more days on that and then a round of revisions in August before the first draft feels complete.


Preorders and Free Bookplates

If you preorder the paperback from Amazon and you can’t get to one of my signings, I will mail you a free bookplate. Just email me a screenshot of your preorder (kourtney(dot)heintz(at) yahoo(dot)com) with your mailing address and I’ll send it out to you!

Book-Plates-V4-PROOF copy

I can also autograph your Kindle or ebook copy. Just pop over to Authorgraph and request an autograph.

TGWIG Giveaways

With the release date looming, there are a few book giveaways going on this week to celebrate TGWIG’s arrival!


Reading Away the Days

Fresh Fiction

Free Book Fridays

What I’m Reading Now

After Readercon, I’ve been sneaking in 30 minutes of reading before bed. So far I’ve finished Paige Shelton’s awesome Bushel Full of Murders, and moved on to Gretchen Archer’s tantalizing Double Mint.

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