The Pleasure of Reading

It’s been a while since I got lost in the pages of a book. Giving myself over to the pleasure of the story and enjoying it.

My brain is hardwired to analyze story. To note the pacing, look for the hook, examine the bond with the main character, to study the story arc, and catalog the character development.

Even when I watch tv shows or movies, my mind is focused on the story structure. I can tell you exactly why a story works or it doesn’t.

But that all fell away as I read Bones of Faerie by Janni Lee Simner. The beauty of her writing sucked me in. I fell deeper and deeper into the story until I was completely immersed in it. Enjoying every moment with Liza.

And I realized this is why people read. For the pleasure of getting lost in something so much bigger than themselves. To care and to be carried away with the characters on a journey unlike any I’ve ever taken.

I missed this. Though a lifelong reader, I hadn’t taken off my writer hat in years. And it took this book to remind me that it’s important to be a reader. To stay 100% in the story and not think about why it’s working. To read solely for the pleasure of reading.

I am so thrilled that I got to meet Janni at the Tucson Festival of Books last year. She signed my copy, “For Kourtney, Listen to your magic!”

I don’t think she had any idea how important that message would be to me as I struggle through revisions of Six Train’s sequel. How personal it felt in that moment when I finished her book and the magic of it still hummed in my veins.

This is a book that I will treasure.

Because a good book makes you smile, but a great book energizes your soul.

And this is a great book!

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