Upcoming Events: Baltimore and Wolcott



Upcoming Author Events

I’ve got two author events coming up in the next two weekends.

On Saturday September 27th, I will be at the Baltimore Book Festival  from 12 pm-8pm in the Author Tent at Bicentennial Plaza. I’ll have a giveaway you can sign up for to win author goodies and a free ebook.

I will be selling and signing books in the tent and donating 15% of the profits to the Baltimore Book Festival. Please stop by to chat, it can get awfully lonely in a tent for 8 hours.


On October 4th, I’ll be at Walsh’s Market in Wolcott from 10 am-3pm signing and selling books and also selling signed photography from the book. I’ll be donating 30% of the day’s profits to the Wolcott Food Pantry. Stop by and pick up a great book and support an awesome cause!


Six Train Sequel Drafting

I’ve drafted 34k words of the sequel. It’s a first draft so it’s still coming together.

Drafting is always a rollercoaster of emotions. Some days, I love what I’ve done. Other days, I know I’m going to need to completely rewrite it. I doubt myself. What I’m doing. Where I’m going.

I’ve taken a few days to revise this past week. I started to lose the flow of the story. To feel like it was escaping me. Going back through the 180 pages I’d written, I fixed things. I connected more deeply with my characters. And I think it’s made a big difference. At least I do today, anyways.


Intern Comes on Board

With three series in the works, I realized I could really use some help with everything. I reached out to an amazing, smart young lady and she has agreed to intern with me this year.


Query Wars Continue

I’ve been sending out 3 queries a day 5 days a week since August. I’ve gotten a great response to the query. More fulls and partials than I’ve ever had requested on a manuscript.

Now I’m waiting to hear back. Time seems to pass so slowly when you are waiting. I’ll swear it’s been 8 weeks, but my query spreadsheet says only 2 weeks since I sent something out.




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