Six Train Takes the Bronze



The Six Train to Wisconsin won the bronze for paranormal in Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards!

Big thank you to Carrie Rubin who won the silver last year for her book, Seneca Scourge, and introduced me to this fantastic contest.

This is one of the coolest contests Six Train has been in. Because it won, copies of my book will be for sale in the Readers’ Favorite tent at the Miami Book Fair. That’s amazing discoverability!

An awards ceremony will be held in Miami during the book fair weekend for all the Readers’ Favorite winners and we will be given our medals on stage.

It’s the first time I’ve been recognized for my writing with an actual award and ceremony.

So yes, I am going to Miami in November!

I plan to spend Friday and Saturday (Nov 21 and 22) at the book fair attending panels and perusing the tents. Friday night there is going to be an networking event for Readers’ Favorite authors. Then Saturday night, I will be at the Readers’ Favorite ceremony.






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47 Responses to Six Train Takes the Bronze

  1. Wow… Congratulations Kourtney that is marvellous news.. Enjoy your trip too in November.. Sending a Hug.. or even Two 🙂 xxx (( Hugs ))

  2. Mighty proud of you and your accomplishments!

  3. Carrie Rubin says:

    Congrats again, Kourtney! Have fun in Miami. It’s a wonderful event. And thank you for the mention!

  4. kford2007 says:

    congrats! How does one enter a book into the contest?

  5. davidprosser says:

    Congratulations Kourtney. What a difference it will make if you can add the logo to your cover.It looks great on your blog page.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  6. Congrats! Have a blast in Miami. 🙂

  7. Cnawan Fahey says:

    Congrats! This is so impressive…

  8. How exciting! Congrats!!!! It’s a big honor and a big book fair. (We will all want to see pictures of the event…and Miami)
    Six Train is rolling!

  9. K. Lyn Wurth says:

    Congratulations, Kourtney! You are so deserving! Have fun in Florida.

  10. That’s great news Kourtney, congratulations! Anything that helps the book get a bigger readership is brilliant 🙂

  11. Renee Drott says:

    Congratulations Kourtney!! That is awesome!!! Have a great trip!

  12. Jeannie Mertig says:

    way to go that is great

  13. EllaDee says:

    This is exciting, the award and the presence of both Six Train and you at the Miami Book Fair. Enjoy the big time 🙂

    • Thanks EllaDee. I’m excited for Six Train and I to be in the Readers’ Favorite tent for a photo op. 🙂 I really love book fairs–I can’t wait to check out the schedule and lineup. And then the ceremony. I’ll be grinning for a few days after that. 🙂

  14. kathils says:

    Many congrats, Kourtney!! That is awesome news. I’m so happy for you. 🙂

  15. I big congrats, my friend! I’m so thrilled for you. 🙂

  16. TBM says:

    This is super exciting news and I’m thrilled for you!

  17. Lori D says:

    Awesome. Congratulations!!

  18. Congratulations, Kourtney!!!!

  19. diannegray says:

    Wow, Wow, Wow! You are a star! Congratulations XXXXXXX

  20. Jamie Dedes says:

    Bravo! Kourney, congratulations! So pleased for you.

  21. I saw your announcement on Facebook – this just gets better and better for Six Train, but it’s well-deserved. Heading to Miami when the weather turns cold, now that’s strategic event planning 😉 Many Congratulations, Kourtney. xo

  22. Aquileana says:

    Woot dear Kout!!!!… Great news … Big congratulations my writer friend…
    Toast to you. Best wishes, Aquileana 😀

  23. Hooray! Well deserved, my dear. Congrats!

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