Barnes and Noble And Open Mic Night


Last Wednesday, I was part of Barnes and Noble’s Local Authors’ Night in Waterbury. I got to hang out with Elizabeth Barone, who I met last year at the NVCC writing conference. It was great seeing her again!


We had 7 authors there. Three fiction and 4 non-fiction. A really unique group of books–something for everyone!




My friend Dayna stopped by with her daughters–it was awesome to see a friendly face!

I sold 4 books that night! Woohoo! That meant 3 were left to grace the local author shelf in B&N!


Saturday afternoon, I popped in and found my book–there was only 1 left!


This Tuesday, I was at the Prospect Public Library for it’s first Open Mic Night for Writers. The library had two local published authors join in to share some of their experience. I gave a brief talk on my journey from Wall Street to Wolcott Author.


The library has a very active memoir writing group and teen writing group. It was awesome to see so many writers courageously stepping in front of the mic. And not one had a shaky voice! They amazed me.



Here’s my fellow published author, Renee Londner, talking about breaking into the industry and sharing a short story of hers. 

Many thanks to Louise for setting up, organizing the readings and being a joy to work with!


A ginormous thank you to the library’s Assistant Director, Lisa Murno, who made the entire evening possible! No only did she organize this awesome event and run it so smoothly, she also photographed the entire evening and even got down on bended knee to make sure an elderly woman was able to share her words with the group!

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