April Author Events


Spring may be dragging her feet, but I’ve got a few author events in April that I’m really excited about!

April 12th from 10 am to 3 pm at Pat’s IGA (816 Wolcott Rd, Wolcott, CT): Wolcott Author’s Novel Approach to Supporting the American Cancer Society

Please stop in to purchase a signed copy of The Six Train to Wisconsin. I am donating 50% of the profits from this event to the American Cancer Society.

If you already own the novel, you might want to check out the signed original photography from the book.

We are going to have a memory board where people can write the name of a love one they lost to cancer, a quote to support those battling cancer, or anything they want about their experience with cancer.

This is a special event for me because I lost my college best friend, Jesse, to cancer 15 years ago. I want to remember him and celebrate the wonderful moments we shared.

His 37th birthday would have been in April. He died from head cancer, which is part of April’s Cancer Awareness Calendar. I think he would appreciate all the colliding coincidences.

Losing him changed the way I live my life. I only plan in 2 year increments. Never taking life as a given or delaying doing what’s important to me.


April 16th from 6 pm to 8pm at  Barnes and Noble (235 Union Street, Waterbury, CT): Local Authors’ Night

I’m thrilled to be invited to participate in a local author book signing at my Barnes and Noble.

It was extra tricky because Amazon has a no-return policy so Barnes and Noble hesitates to stock their books. I had to agree to purchase any unpurchased books from the signing.

It’s completely worth it for the experience and visibility. They will also shelve unsold books  in the store for a few weeks.


April 22nd from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Prospect Public Library (17 Center St, Prospect, CT): Open Mic Night for Writers

Renee Londner and I will be co-emceeing the first Open Mic Night for writers.

It’s open to anyone from tween to adults who would like to share a short writing piece.

Poetry, short stories, novels, memoirs–bring whatever you’d like to share.

You won’t find a better audience that fellow writers!


I want to give a shout out to an amazing non-profit–Literacy Volunteers, who will be holding their annual fundraiser Friday, April 25, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. at the Aquaturf at  556 Mulberry St, Plantsville, CT.

I donated a signed copy of Six Train for their auction and owe a big thanks to my author friends for graciously donated signed copies of their books for the auctions:

NYT and USA Today Bestseller Paige Shelton

Amazon and Barnes and Noble #1 Bestseller and Agatha-nominated Lyndee Walker

USA Today Bestseller Gretchen Archer

USA Best Book Awards Winner T.L. Costa

Indie extraordinaire K. Lyn Wurth


Apologies for the delay in announcing February’s sales numbers, I sold 43 books in February. Woohoo! As I get closer to the one year mark, I’m trying to devise new ways to sell books.


1000 thank yous to J.P. Moon, the owner of EZ Pickins  (773 Wolcott Rd Wolcott, CT)  for offering to stock my books and refusing to take a cut of the profits–that’s above and beyond generous.

And to put them up by the register where everyone sees them–that’s prime real estate in his store. It’s amazing how much a small business will help a local author out. Thank you!

Randomly cool fact: he and his wife lived in the house on the cover of my book when they first moved to CT–ask him about it when you stop in–it’s a cool story.

If you’re hankering for a signed copy and can’t make it out to one of my events, please stop by EZ Pickins and pick one up!

And get a scratch off or milk or bread or a treat while you’re there to support this awesome mom and pop shop.


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40 Responses to April Author Events

  1. kathils says:

    You just amaze me with all you do. 🙂

  2. Wishing you well in April Kourtney… sounds a full month.. And congratulations on February’s book sales too 🙂 Have a prosperous April.. Much love sent your way xox Sue xxx

    • April is pretty busy. I am also revising my next manuscript to send to an agent. If she likes it, she may sign me. If she doesn’t, it’s back to querying. No pressure or anything. 😉 Hugs, K

  3. You know, it strikes me reading this, just how rewarding it must be to be able to make links with these different events and venues – the work is much harder than if you had a huge marketing campaign from a big publisher, but I wonder what experiences you would miss out on that way. In terms of life being about the journey, these are the things you’ll probably remember.

    • I’ve reached out to over 200 businesses and organizations in the past year to put together my events. Many ended in rejection. So every win feels amazing because of all the behind the scenes work that goes into making it happen. 🙂 I doubt I will ever have a huge marketing campaign from a big publisher–those are usually reserved for 6 figure deals and NYT bestsellers. The elitist of the elite. Sometimes I think how nice it must be to have someone else handling all that and be able to focus on writing. But the upside of me being in charge is that I can make each event unique. This past year has been a huge journey, stretching my business background into marketing. Definitely remember how much went into each event and how lucky I have been to find people who will work with me to make my signings a reality.

  4. davidprosser says:

    Heck Kourtney, why don’t you live down the road from me and I could benefit from your enthusiasm an energy. You’re always on the go. Thanks for the donations to a Cancer Charity. They’d do well if all authors decide to do as we do with our Royalties.Cancer would be cured in no time.
    Have a Great and Successful April.
    xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

    • Aw David, thank you! I tend to be a go getter when something really matters to me. 🙂 I try to give back when I can. This charity is very near and dear to my heart. It’s tough when your traditional and your royalties are much much smaller too.

      Thanks! Hope we get a good turn out on April 12th.


  5. Carrie Rubin says:

    Congrats on getting a signing at Barnes & Noble! Not easy to do. I inquired about it, received a form I needed to fill out and a list of specs my book needed to have, and promptly put it aside. Not the best face-to-face marketing move, I know…

    Love the idea of a memory board at that first event you listed. Very nice.

    • It took several emails and a year of waiting. 😉 Setting up events is very time consuming. It’s never just the two hours you appear somewhere. You have a full time job, you have to assess where best to allocate your very limited time, which may make it a good call. 😉

      Aw thanks. I remember when my friend was diagnosed, I felt so alone. It was back in 1999 before you could reach out and find support online. I thought it might be nice to create a space where anyone could come and write what they wanted and talk to others about how cancer impacted their life.

  6. So much going on! Glad to hear that next story’s moving along. Fingers crossed! Happy April!

  7. jmmcdowell says:

    Wow, you are amazingly busy! And I already have a sneak peek into how busy your July will be. 😉 I wish my trip back to Illinois would coincide with your visit, but if you go to the Baltimore Book Festival, I will do everything I can to make it there!

    • LOL. I think I might get to catch my breath a bit in May. 🙂 Maybe. Yeah 2 weeks of touring in late July–still have to finish hotel and rental car booking. And then practicing workshops and talks. Aw me too! That would be awesome. I hope I get picked for an author signing. Book festivals are awesome. I’d love to hang out with you too!

  8. diannegray says:

    You’re truly amazing, Kourtney (and in inspiration to all writers out there). The memory board is a wonderful idea. Best of luck with everything and I hope you can sit back and relax soon 🙂

    • Thanks Dianne. 🙂 I give it all I’ve got so no matter what the results I can say I did my best. Thank you. LOL. Luckily, I got a couple relaxing days in Phoenix and Sedona. Now I’m back to the grind for a while. 🙂

  9. Nice! Barnes and Noble…that’s exciting. Congratulations on a nice February sales figure, Kourtney. All of your hard work is indeed paying off.
    I’m so sorry to read about your friend. Your April 12th gig is a good thing.
    Okay, there is something missing from this post…pictures of food! 🙂

    • Thanks Jill. Big bookstores are the hardest to get into as an indie. Aw, thanks. I was pretty happy with that sales number too! I still miss him. He was one of those rare people who got me and accepted me. He got a kick out of explaining where people made misteps with me. And he was the funniest person I ever met. He did impressions of everyone. I often think about all the things he dreamt of doing and who he would be now. Yeah, it feels like a good thing even when it makes me sad to think of that missing piece in my life. LOL. Yes, we are back to eating healthy and homecooked again.

      • Maybe one day, you can write about your friend or have him be a character in one of your books. He sounds like an amazing person and he obviously made a strong impact on your life. God bless him.

        • Jill, I just realized Six Train and my current work have a character who battles cancer. I think in some ways I’m still trying to work my way through what happened to him. I did use his last name for the main character in Reckonings too. My little ways of paying tribute and keeping him near I guess. He was one of the few people who understood me and made me feel okay with all my quirks. I was so blessed to have known him.

  10. Aquileana says:

    Excellent that you are an engaged author, dear Kourtney… Wolcott Author’s Novel Approach to Supporting the American Cancer Society seems amazing, What a great initiative!!!.
    I wish you the best with all these events. I´ll stay tuned!
    Hugs, Aquileana 😛

  11. 4amWriter says:

    Wish I could get down to CT for these events, but kids make traveling too far away from baseball diamonds and soccer fields impossible! Enjoy yourself, looks like you’ll be straight out!

  12. Mayumi-H says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated, Kourtney. It’s great to see how invested you are, both to your work and to your supporters. I really like the EZ Pickins story – that’s a great connection!

    • People have mentioned not knowing about events so I try to post them everywhere. 😉 Thank you. I was so surprised by his generosity. I can’t help telling people about it. 🙂

  13. Great to see you making the rounds, Kourtney!

  14. Wow, you have an awesome lineup of events for this month. Very worthy causes, too. Congrats on 43 books sold in February. That’s great. Hope you sell more and more and more each month! The Open Mic Night for Writers sounds wonderful.

    • Thanks Lynn. 🙂 I like to do different events and meet new readers as much as I can. Libraries have been really kind to me. So have local businesses. I’m curious to see how things go at Barnes and Noble. Fingers crossed we sell lots of books and raise lots of money for the American Cancer Society on April 12th.

  15. EllaDee says:

    Great selection… and variety of events, all different, all wonderful. You make it look easy but when you work hard behind the scenes that’s the effect… instant sucess that’s not at all 🙂

    • Thanks. 🙂 You are correct–each event is hours of emails behind the scenes and hours of prep time. Some I write press releases for and that’s another 5-7 hours of work. 🙂

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