An Evening of Wine and Words in Manhattan: My Final Book Tour Stop


On October 23rd from 6-8pm at Salon 2b, my photography from Six Train was on exhibit and available for purchase!

I sold 8 of the 9 framed photographs and sold 2 of the 4 sets of 4x6s. It was an incredibly successful first showing!

We also sold 17 books! Which meant we were able to make a nice donation to the Dynamite Youth Center and October was a very profitable month for me. So double Yay!

But most importantly, I got to see all my favorite NY people again. Former bosses, co-workers, and friends came out to support me. I also made new friends with Salon 2b’s delightful guests.

It was a most magical night and the perfect ending to my book tour.


Photo by Sandra Tansley

My amazing Andersen/Protiviti mentor Micah, boss Carol, and colleague John. I’ve known them all since 2000.

And to have them show up for my event–it made my night. 🙂

They are the reason I had such a successful career in the city. They taught me everything I know about time management and project management.


Photo by Sandra Tansley

We had about 30 people there. Which allowed me a few minutes to chat with each guest. Perfect gathering.


Photo by Sandra Tansley

It was so so good to see my last boss Stephen and my coworker Zach. We had some great times together. Having them show up to support me was beyond awesome.

The other gentleman, Tim, became a friend by the end of the night and purchased one of my photos for him and his lovely significant other, Elizabeth.


Photo by Sandra Tansley

Me doing my author talk and reading.  I kept it to 10 minutes. Which seemed the perfect length for a party setting.


Photo by Sandra Tansley

That’s my oldest friend Ant, my agent Lyndsay, and my MWA Symposium buddy Jackie. What amazed me was how everyone flowed through the party and no one was left out. What a terrific group of people!


Sade, my cousin’s coworker came down to join us.

The gentleman in the suit is my old RBC coworker Nouhoum who drove in from Stamford to the Bronx and then took a train into Manhattan. Just to be there for me.

Wow. And after a full day’s work too. That’s above and beyond.


Photo by Sandra Tansley

My cousin Amanda, Aunt Cindi, cousin Gene, and second cousin  Vicki all came out too.

My cousins both live in the city and despite their crazy schedules made sure they were there.

Gene took an earlier flight in from Chicago to be there.

Amanda tracked down the Butternut wine and made sure it was delivered for the event. It was a delicious Chardonnay and made the night!

My aunt and second cousin took time off from work and came in from CT. My aunt also framed each photo for me!

That’s mad family love.

Mom and Dad were there too. They arranged our caravan from CT. But Mom was the official photographer so you won’t see her in a photo.


Photo by Sandra Tansley

Carina and my dad catching up. We’ve been trying to get her out to CT to visit. Hope Dad talked her into it!


Photo by Sandra Tansley

These are two of my college friends! Carina and I studied abroad in Beijing and have been friends since 1998!

She put me up in her family’s apartment when I first moved to the city in 2000. She bought one of my photographs too!

Brett and I were classmates at Georgetown and sat beside each other at graduation. He helped me get my first job in the city and we’ve had some crazy adventures in the city.


Many thank yous to Zhauna, Daniel, Jenna of Salon 2b for making this evening possible!

Zhauna handled all the transactions so I could talk and sign books. She made my night ten times easier. She opened her home to everyone for the event!

Daniel hung each photo perfectly so they were all even and at the perfect level for the eye. He made sure the night ran smoothly and everyone was enjoying themselves.

Jenna prepped the glasses and the food and helped make the night a huge success!


I owe a 1000 thank yous to each and every person who showed up to share in Six Train’s and my night! You made it unforgettable. Thank you!

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