If Bread Could Rise to the Occasion and Dance of Souls Book Reviews


Traveling is a great time to catch up on reading. I was at CT Fiction Fest this weekend so I bring you two more book reviews.


If Bread Could Rise to the Occasion

Paige Shelton has done it again! If Bread Could Rise to the Occasion, the third book in her Country Cooking School Mystery Series is a delicious page turner!

Ms. Shelton is a master of mystery plotting. I had no idea who the killer was until the last pages revealed it in a heart pounding finale.

Betts and Jerome continue to tug at my heart strings. The way Ms. Shelton develops Bett’s ghost communicating abilities makes me think she should try her hand at contemporary fantasy.

Fascinating and fantastic to read. I love how she meld the paranormal and the mystery genres and delivers on all the expectations of both genres.

She makes me want to move to Broken Rope so I can have smoothies with Jake and Betts and learn how to make a sour dough bread starter from Gram.

This may be my favorite book in this series and I loved the first book so much!

I’m eagerly anticipating the next book, Ms. Shelton!


Dance of Souls

Kalman’s Dance of Souls is a terrific work of literary fiction.

I savored her writing style. The elegant prose and the beautifully structured sentences led me onward.

She employs inner monologue and changing point of view to make sure a well-rounded world takes shape on the page.

Audrey Kalman weaves together several lives in such an unexpected way. From the beginning, you feel the underlying tension and sense that the characters are careening towards each other.

The ending was completely satisfying and I am in awe of how intricately everything came together.

You know you are in the hands of a master craftswoman as you read this book!


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