While I’m Away…



Since I’m in Butternut for the next two posts, I thought I’d repost a few of my blog hop stops. The ones that got the least amount of blog love. I’m closing comments until I return.

The Peasants Revolt: Q&A with Fel about Breaking Out with Six Train

Wrenheaded Writer: Guest post on the discovery of drafting

Small Press Reviews Blog: Interview with Marc Schuster on being a Type A, why I write, how Amazon’s contest impacted my writing, and what’s next


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12 Responses to While I’m Away…

  1. You are off with parades and fairs and fun. Perfect! (and this post is a nice idea)

    • Thanks! Unfortunately I forgot to close comments. Lol. I was in a rush before the trip. It’s been a lovely whirlwind of activity. I am so delighted to be in Butternut. I have never felt so welcomed and I’m so so happy to be meeting so many terrific and hard working people.

  2. Hey – love the excerpt reading! (did I miss that before?) An author reading gives such life and personality to the words. Cool

  3. Cat Forsley says:

    Hello Yum Yums 🙂 xo xo xo Have fun xxx C

  4. jmmcdowell says:

    Something that strikes me here is that 2 of these 3 bloggers don’t have a “like” button as an option. I know some people equate them with Facebook and “not meaningful” interactions. But I also know there are readers who are more comfortable leaving “likes” than comments. It reinforces my idea that if I ever go the self-hosted route, I’ll still offer the “like” option.

    • It’s funny I talked with my web designer about moving my blog to my website this spring. But some of the WordPress functions aren’t supported on websites. The like function can be one of them. It’s why I’ve kept my blog on WordPress for so long. The functionality and ease of use can’t be replicated yet on a website hosted blog. 🙂

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