Finding Your Story: My Wolcott Public Library Workshop


I am someone who tries to maintain normal when things are anything but normal. It’s how I cope.

So I didn’t mention that a loved one was hospitalized in late May/early June. I couldn’t talk about it. They are now home and recovering.

  I was also in a really bad car accident. I’ve been and still am in a lot of pain so I cut back on my work. Doing the bare minimum online. Trying to keep the blog hop going.

I had a workshop and booksigning scheduled for June 27th. This is my livelihood. My only source of income. So I had to find a way to do my job despite the pain.

I have sciatica. It means I can’t sit without nerve pain. So I did my presentation by walking around.

My workshop was called “Finding Your Story: How to Tell if an Idea can Become a Novel”.

It focused on how everyone has a story inside them. Could be based on a person, a place or a situation. Something they know as only they can.

I talked about how to find that one thing and walked them through how to develop that idea into a novel.

Photo by Sandra Tansley

Photo by Sandra Tansley

 The library made these gorgeous flyers that they put up all over town.

Photo by Sandra Tansley

Photo by Sandra Tansley

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do anything to help set up that evening.

Luckily, my mom and my Aunt Cindi swooped in to help. My mom carted in books and all our stuff. That’s 7 trips to the car.

My Aunt Cindi showed up early like an angel of assistance and helped move tables and chairs. But she didn’t stop there.

She did an amazing job with the refreshment table, bringing her own dishes to display the pastries.

There was punch with sherbet to keep it cool…


Photo by Sandra Tansley

And beautifully arranged Twix…

Photo by Sandra Tansley

Photo by Sandra Tansley

And an assortment of pastries on her exquisite serving dishes. She even brought a fancy tablecloth from home.

Photo by Sandra Tansley

Photo by Sandra Tansley

My Aunt Donna helped too. She brought my Grandma H and ran the giveaway, which my Grandma Eileen won (free author swag bag). She was delighted and couldn’t believe she won.

We had a terrific turnout!

Photo by Sandra Tansley

Photo by Sandra Tansley

Thanks to a great audience, especially Bonnie, Bobbie, & Roberta, we had a lively Q&A that kept me on my toes!

When it came time to do the book signing, I knelt on a pillow.

I sold 25 books at the event and signed books until the library closed.

I want to thank everyone who helped make this night possible!

Suzanne from the Wolcott Public Library set up the laptop and projector and did everything behind the scenes to arrange the event for me

The Friends of the Wolcott Public Library for sponsoring my workshop

My mom and Aunt Cindi for helping set up and clean up

Mom for working the cash box on top of 100 other tasks that night

And all my friends, family, and readers who made the night such a success!

Thank you!

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