Six Train’s Blog Hop Week 2


Here’s where I’ll be popping up on Monday through Wednesday:

Audrey Kalman’s blog: A revealing Q&A  on crossing genres, character development, and the use of photos in the book: June 10th

My Random Muse: A fun-filled Q&A about my writing habits–music vs. no music, what’s on my desk, and why Wisconsin: June 11th

Emmie Mears’s blog: Guest posting on the plausibility of ESP: June 12th

There’s a Six Train ebook and swag bag giveaway going on over at Pretty in Pink Books and Reviews until Wednesday.


The signing at the Meriden Humane Society  was a very sunny day (Yay! Andrea left!) but unfortunately we didn’t get a tent. I hid under my UV coated parasol, but Mom got lobster burns and we had to leave earlier than expected because she wasn’t feeling well.

Big thanks to my elementary school friend, Doug Haddad for coming out to get a book signed and chat with me! It’s been awesome to talk writing with a fellow author!

This week is our big author event at the Haight-Brown Vineyard in Litchfield, CT on June 13th. It’s a wine+cheese+doorprize ticketed event with a fun talk about what HBV wines my characters and I would enjoy. Can’t wait to see my friends and family there and meet new readers and chat about the book!

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