Six Train’s Bangs and Busts


This week started off with a couple busts and several bangs.

The Busts

I had a blogger request my launch date to post a review and Q&A with me. I was so excited. I spent hours working on that Q&A. I sent it all off to her two weeks ago. And then it didn’t post. My follow up emails went unanswered.

No one seems to want to win Taylor Swift tickets. As a point of reference, I had 624 people enter a Goodreads giveaway for my signed paperback. I have 84 entries to the the Taylor Swift ticket giveaway.

The Bangs

Highlight of the week: A reader found me on Facebook, friended me, and then sent me a great email telling me how much he enjoyed my book but that I kept him up to 1:30 AM to finish it.

My Facebook Book Launch Party was a rollicking good time. So much so that the FB police shut down posting for a good 25 minutes in the middle of the party. Things quieted down before we we allowed to get back to posting.

A big round of applause to Rich Weatherly for putting together an awesome Q&A with me on genre blending, alternating POV, and tips to aspiring writers!

A big thank you to Dixon Rice for let me take over his blog to guest post about the discovery of drafting.

A plate of baked brie to thank JM for giving me a fabulous review for The Six Train to Wisconsin on Amazon!

A bowl of fried cheese curd to thank K. Lyn Wurth for posting a terrific review of The Six Train to Wisconsin on Amazon!

Raising a glass of chardonnay to toast and thank Audrey Kalman for her insightful review of The Six Train to Wisconsin on Goodreads!

After my first Goodreads giveaway ended, I saw a spike in book sales this weekend. It was cool to see my Amazon rankings jump up again for a few days.

My sales numbers aren’t complete for the month of May yet, but so far I have sold 147 books.

Upcoming Weekend Events:

I will be in the hot seat responding to brilliant questions on JM McDowell’s blog on Saturday 6/1 (we’re also giving away a free ebook to a commenter) and K. Lyn Wurth’s blog on Sunday 6/2  if anyone wants to stop by, chat, or pose a question. 🙂

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