The Author Swag Has Arrived!


After hours of pouring over‘s website for the perfect tote bag, I found this one. It’s very mod style and has a nice gusset so things can stand up in it. I couldn’t brand it with the book cover because this bag only allows one color of printing and the bookcover didn’t look good. Actually, it looked like a horror novel. I considered changing the bag, but this one is so adorable in person.

Thanks to Jian Chan for helping me figure out what to put on it.

The swag bag will include the bookmark I showed you Saturday too.

One of the many things I learned in consulting was not to waste time. So when I have a question, I find an expert and pick their brain. My darling cousin, Amanda, works as a publicist in NYC. She let me fire dozens of questions at her and gave me back diamonds of knowledge.

One phrase in particular impacted my entire swag process. She told me to link it to the book in some way and personalize it for the reader.

That phrase rolled around in my head. I decided to take one of the pivotal scenes where Kai is facing her mortality and give my readers everything she had in that moment: Kai’s survival kit.

Enter the notepad, where she wrote her last letters to loved ones…


The notepad is also courtesy of 4 I have to say, they were fantastic! Very responsive to emails. Went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with my choices, the artwork proof, and the delivery. I will definitely use them again. The customer service and the prices cannot be beat!

A penlight to write by…


Since I could only put one line on it, my cousin recommended my website since it’s the hub of everything. Info on events, buy buttons, etc.

The pen to write with…


Big thanks to Carrie Rubin for recommending PensRUs to me. They were fast, efficient and the best prices around! I got the three-sided pen so my website and author name appear on the other two sides. I picked green because the 6 train is a green subway line.



The mini bottle of water and mini Twix are courtesy of Target. They fit into the theme of Kai’s survival kit.



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