My Friend’s One Act Play: The Commitment Cure


Sometimes your friends do something so kick ass and so fearless you have to brag about it…

This is one of those times.

One of my oldest and dearest friends, Anthony Dvarskas, has a one act play, The Commitment Cure, premiering on March 1 during the Strawberry One Act Festival at the Riant Theatre in NYC.

In The Commitment Cure, Susan discovers a solution to her boyfriend Jason’s relationship reluctance, bringing their bond to its ultimate test. Deciding on something has never been so easy.

I cannot wait to see his play performed and celebrate in his success.

And if you happen to be free and love one acts, might I suggest you check out The Strawberry One Act Festival. It runs for almost two weeks, premiering several one act plays each night. from February 27-March 10.


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