My Friend’s One Act Play: The Commitment Cure


Sometimes your friends do something so kick ass and so fearless you have to brag about it…

This is one of those times.

One of my oldest and dearest friends, Anthony Dvarskas, has a one act play, The Commitment Cure, premiering on March 1 during the Strawberry One Act Festival at the Riant Theatre in NYC.

In The Commitment Cure, Susan discovers a solution to her boyfriend Jason’s relationship reluctance, bringing their bond to its ultimate test. Deciding on something has never been so easy.

I cannot wait to see his play performed and celebrate in his success.

And if you happen to be free and love one acts, might I suggest you check out The Strawberry One Act Festival. It runs for almost two weeks, premiering several one act plays each night. from February 27-March 10.


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16 Responses to My Friend’s One Act Play: The Commitment Cure

  1. Congratulations to Anthony. I hope it goes well!

    I would love to travel to New York, see the sights, attend a festival such as that, and just enjoy everything the Big Apple has to offer.

    • Me too! He works full time, teaches a class part time, and somehow manages to write plays in his alleged free time. 😉 I’m so thrilled for him!
      It’s a really cool city. I hope you get up there sometime. If you do, let me know. I’d love to come in and show you my favorite places. (I lived there for 8 years, so I know every good cheap eat). 🙂

  2. Sounds an interesting play……. I wish your friend well with it Kourtney…

  3. jmmcdowell says:

    Wishing your friend well with his play! That has to be an amazing feeling for him. 🙂

    • He’s a wickedly talented guy. I’m in awe of him. I can’t imagine how surreal and how validating it must be. I can’t wait to see his face on Friday night as he watches his play unfold for an audience. 🙂

  4. How wonderful he’s going to see his words on stage in a production. One acts are such great fun. Hope it’s a success.

    • Me too! All his friends and family are swarming the city to celebrate with him. 🙂 I love that I’ll get to see his work and a few other talented play writes’. It’s going to be a cool evening all around. 🙂

  5. Pete Denton says:

    Wow, that is so cool. A bit far for me to travel for a one act play 🙂 I hope it all goes well for him.

    • I was putting up flyers all over NYC when I was there in February. I’m so proud of him. LOL. Completely understand. I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂 Thanks for the well wishes. 🙂

  6. EllaDee says:

    How wonderful for you to be so happy for your friend. There’s no way I could get to the play in NYC… but when it comes to Sydney, Australia.. let me know if you’ll be coming ahead to put up flyers 🙂

    • He’s been my friend since 7th grade. And now, we’re…no longer in school and he’s got a PhD. 😉 Totally understandable. Fingers crossed it catches some attention and makes it to Sydney someday. 🙂 And I’d definitely pop over to deliver flyers.

  7. kford2007 says:

    Good luck and may he ‘break a leg’. 🙂

  8. 4amWriter says:

    Congrats to your friend. I’m sure it’ll be a great hit.

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