Market or Die: Integrated Marketing Plan Advice for Writers: Book Review


I finished the third book in Jennifer Fusco’s Market of Die installment last night, Market or Die: Integrated Marketing Plan Advice for Writers.

I would advise every self-publishing author to pick up a copy. Jen builds upon what you learned in Market or Die: Sensible Brand Building Advice for Authors and Market of Die: How to Use the Power of Your Brand.

She does some terrific hand-holding in the book, guiding authors through the essentials of marketing: knowing their audience, assessing the competitive situation, understanding the four P’s, developing an integrated strategy, and keeping their readers over the long haul.

Somehow she manages to take all her marketing know how and tailor it to an author’s needs using easy-to-grasp, real-world examples.

One of my favorite parts was where she walked us through how to conduct a SWOT analysis. It’s a useful tool where you assess your books strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the the marketplace.

Sounds a bit intimidating, right? Not with Jen by your side walking you through it.

 I love Jen’s books because she makes marketing feel like something I can do. She’s taken my fear factor down several levels. I’ll definitely be stopping by her MOD website for more tips!

 Thanks Jen!

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