Market or Die: Book Review


As someone planning to self-publish in the spring, I’ve been doing lots of research. Including marketing and brand building. Yes, I have this blog, Facebook, Twitter, and a website. Did I have a brand statement?

Uh no.

So I dove into Jennifer Fusco‘s Market or Die with gusto. I’d met Jennifer at the CTRWA and knew her to be a lovely southern lady with a tremendous talent for marketing.

Her book is a straight-talking, workshop-style experience. I felt like Jennifer was leaning over my shoulder helping me form my brand statement.

And let me tell you, I was dubious about coming up with one. I wasn’t sure I could. I’d been trying to for years. And never had any luck.  Then I answered the three questions she outlined in her book and a gem popped up in them. I’ve rebranded my blog, Twitter, and Facebook with it.

I was so excited by this success, that I bought the rest of the books in Market or Die series and plan to read them soon.

Thanks Jennifer for sharing your amazing branding experience!

As a side note, Jennifer has started up a author services called Market or Die too. I will definitely be considering using her services after I finish her books.

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