Book Review: Immortal Beloved

Did you ever stumble upon a book that was exactly what you needed to read at that exact time? That’s what happened to me with Cate Tiernan’s  Immortal Beloved.

At the LA SCBWI Summer Conference, there was a pizza party and book signing party for all SCBWI members with published novels. This is my favorite way to stumble on new books. By reading the backs and meeting the authors.

Anyway, I was making my way around the room when Immortal Beloved grabbed my attention. Partly because I have a manuscript with immortals and partly because I loved the title and the cover. I picked it up and perused the back cover.

The first line on the back cover grabbed me “Nothing ever really ends when you’re immortal.”

The author, Cate Tiernan, was very friendly. Something in her face sold me on the book. She kindly autographed it and I moved along to discover a few more books.

Anyway, throughout the conference I kept running into Cate. The poor woman must have thought I was stalking her. But I think the universe was telling me to talk to her. So I did.

And I decided to read her book first (of the dozen I purchased at the conference).

I’m so glad I did. Because I needed to hear her words so badly.

I needed to hear Nastasya’s story. I needed to be there for her soul searching  and her realizations.

And I walked away with a new perspective on my life.

That’s the power of the right book at the right time.

Here’s what Publisher’s Weekly had to say about the book:

“Born in 1551, Nastasya is immortal, wealthy, and at the end of her rope. After centuries of hedonism, one casually cruel moment in present-day London shatters her composure and leaves her grasping at the slimmest of chances to save her sense of humanity. That chance takes the form of River’s Edge, a farm and retreat in the heart of Massachusetts, where a varied group of immortals seek to regain the immediacy and emotion of life fully lived. It’s not an easy fit for Nastasya, and as she learns about her companions, the ghosts of her long and dark past rise vividly to haunt her.”

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