Favorite Blog Q&A, Lucky 7 Game, Sunshine Blog Award

First off, a huge apology. I’m almost a month behind schedule with this Q&A, award, links, and game of writer tag. I really appreciate when someone notices my blog and takes the time to let me know I’m doing something right, but I was slammed with revisions and didn’t have time to  put together a proper post.

Big thank you to Lauren over at Tales of A Charm City Chick for recognizing my blog as one of her favorite blogs! Wow. Smile stretching from ear to ear. As part of this, I’m going to answer some questions and pass along the award to others.

Note: there is no need to pass this along. It’s more of a shout out and a celebration of blogs. So if I name your blog as one of my favorites, feel free to pass it along or just accept it and not do anything. 🙂

1. What is the best thing that happened to you in the last 36 hours?

My excerpt is up on Amazon with two reviews.

2. What are your pet peeves?

Inconsiderate behavior. Hypocrisy. And when the dvr forces me to watch the same limited commercials. Grrr.

3. Did you have an imaginary friend growing up or did you want one? Tell us all! When did you part ways? Was it gradual?

I used to think my stuffed animals could come alive and so I treated them like they were alive. Does that count? Um. I still think when I sleep they might hang out and do stuff.

4. If you had the power to declare a national holiday what would you declare and why?

Ladies Hold Your Men Accountable Day. It’s time for women to stop blaming each other and start holding guys accountable for their actions. If I see one more woman lash out at the “other woman,” I will scream. Who made promises to you and then broke them? The guy. So why are you attacking the girl he cheated with. He probably lied to her too.

5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? (You have the capital for this one, don’ worry)

Nai Harn in Phuket. It’s sooooo beautiful.

6. What do you think of celebrity gossip?

Why are we all so concerned with them? Bo-ring.

7. What’s the theme song of your day, week, year, or life?

Today it’s Sorta Fairytale by Tori Amos.

8. If you came with a warning label what would it be about?

Hurricane winds without warning.

9. Favorite quote or joke that you made up?

Blanking on this one. Yeah, I got nothing. I’m never funny on command.

10. OCD?

I hate when people touch my stuff. Look, don’t touch. And never ever borrow my shoes. Ever.

11. Best pick up line anyones’ ever fed ya?

Are you from England?


Oh cause you look like you’re from England.

(WHAT does that look like?!)

 12. Tell us something embarrassing about your brain.

Sometimes when I’m nervous it says the wrong words. I’ll mean to say “fasten” and “flatten” comes out of my mouth. Close but not quite right.

Here are some of my favorite blogs:

Lucky 7 Meme Tag Game

Girls With Pens  and Carrie Rubin tagged me in this fun little blogging game called Lucky 7 Meme or 777 going around where writers tag each other in a virtual game of IT.

The rules:

  • Go to page 77 of your current MSS/WIP
  • Go to line 7
  • Copy down the next 7 lines, sentences, or paragraphs, and post them as they’re written
  • Tag 7 other authors (I’m only going to tag 4 and again–this is completely for fun, feel free to not participate and I will still <3 your blog)

These seven lines are from my YA story.

Three snake rings writhed across her right hand. She’d twisted and braided her long hair into an elaborate up-do. Morgan conservative.

I was as ready as I’d ever be, slathered in SPF 70 waterproof sunscreen with my UV-coated parasol shading my face. A waterproof case held my Mac, and a backpack had been stuffed with everything I needed to survive a few days on the isle.

Seth started to venture into the water, but Evan’s words stopped him. “The rip tides are less than 50 meters from the shore.”

I’m only going to tag 4 other writers…(No pressure to play, purely for fun)

Sunshine Award

And lastly, but never leastly, I was also re-gifted the Sunshine Award from Michael at I Have A Dream. Thank you so much Michael! It’s a great award and I want to pass it along again because I’ve met so many new bloggers who deserve it.

Here are the official Rules:
Thank the person who gave you the award.
Write a post about it.
Answer the questions that come with it.
Pass lt along to ten people and let them know they’ve received it.

Here’s my version of the rules:

Thank the person who gave you the award.
Write a post about it.

Link to the ten questions since I posted answers before.

Pass it along to 4 new blogs.

If you receive it, there is zero pressure to pass it along. Bask in the glow of your wonderfulness. If you want to pass it along, that’s great. But you don’t have to.

Link to my ten questions.

And here are the blogs I am awarding The Sunshine Award to because they bring rays of brightness into my day.

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