Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award–I’m in the Quarterfinals!

Tuesday, I stalked Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award webpage like a 13 year old with a crush. Finally at 11:30 a.m., they quarterfinalists were announced….

This time I remembered K comes after J and I took a deep breath. Preparing mentally to not see my name. It’s okay. You did you best.

Then I started scanning. And what did I see? My name. OMG. The air forgot to enter my lungs. My brain knocked into my skull.

I placed in the quarterfinals. I’m one of the 250 out of 5000. Wow.

This round they (Amazon Editors and Amazon Top Reviewers) judged an excerpt (3-5K words) on overall strength, prose/style, plot/hook, originality of idea.

That is major affirmation. Thank you so much Amazon reviewers. It means so very much to know you thought my excerpt deserved to move on to the next round.

Now onto the super cool part. I have an Amazon page. Yup.

But there’s some tech issues right now. My pitch and excerpt have formatting errors (random symbols for quotation marks and apostrophes as well as missing emdashes). Amazon is aware of the issues and working hard to rectify them. So I’m not linking to it because I think you would get a headache trying to read my excerpt.

As soon as the problem is corrected, I’ll provide the link in case anyone wants to read my pitch or my excerpt. You can also rate and comment on them too.

This means my entire manuscript gets read by  PW and they will give me feedback. Wow.

I’m so excited!

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