The Vow–Movie Review

I liked the premise of The Vow. A tragic car accident strips a woman of her memories of her entire life with her husband. He has to try to make her fall in love with him all over again.

However, with the past 5 years erased, she bonds with her long estranged family and reconnects with her life before him.

Channing Tatum did an amazing job portraying the frustration of a husband who remembers every moment of his life with the woman he loves, but is a complete stranger to her.

The movie was told mostly from his POV and maybe that’s why I found the wife utterly unlikeable. He was so giving and he tried so hard. And she never appreciated it.

She came off as a selfish creature with no redeeming qualities. I wanted to see what her husband saw in her, but I didn’t. She acted like a spoilt brat from the moment she woke up in the hospital until the credits ran.

This is not Rachel McAdams’ fault. She did a good job with this role.

Frankly, I was rooting for the husband to divorce her ass and find someone who could love him back because he deserved that.

I didn’t shed a tear the entire movie.

I was too busy being pissed off at this stupid wife who only thought of her feelings the entire time. She squandered his love. I wanted him to run off with his partner in the recording studio.

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