The Bold and the Beautiful Gives Back Over the Holidays


Sometimes, TV shows teach us something. Not often, but it happens. Over the holidays, The Bold and Beautiful had their matriarch Stephanie Forrester spend two days interviewing real people who had aged out of the foster care system and were trying to better themselves and build a life.

The show worked this into the plot seamlessly by having an intern at Forrester Creations accused of stealing designs. Stephanie realized she’d made an unfair accusation and tried to set it right by going to the girl’s home.

This is how she learned about United Friends of the Children, a non-profit organization in LA that help foster kids transition into the world with housing, clothing, paid internships, and assisting them in applying to college and for financial aid.

It was absolutely heartbreaking to hear real stories of how foster care failed many of these people. How when they turn 18, they are given $500 and sent out alone in the world. Granted some had a wonderful foster care parent who shaped their life. But that’s not the majority.

It touched me deeply and I decided to make a small donation because this is a charity that really resonated with me. I tried to imagine my life without parents and without family. I would not be where I am right now without my mom’s emotional and financial support. I wouldn’t be the writer I am without my dad red-penning my high school essays.

I can’t imagine how hard it is to be all alone and wanting to be the best you, but not having opportunities and chances.

That’s why I really appreciate this charity because it gives these kids opportunities. And they take it and run with it.

If you’d like to learn more about United Friends of the Children click here.

If you’d like to watch (18 minutes each) The Bold and The Beautiful Episodes here they are:

Episode 1


Episode 2

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8 Responses to The Bold and the Beautiful Gives Back Over the Holidays

  1. It’s a broken system, like so many of our social systems. Most of us don’t realize how fortunate we are. Nice post.

    • Susan, I agree. I’m glad there is something in place, but it’s not doing the best or even decent by most of these kids. What impressed me was the lack of bitterness that came through. The show made a point of saying these are real people and these are their stories. Hit me much harder than any dramatization could. I am so very grateful for my parents and my family. Something I take them for granted. I don’t think I will anymore.

  2. Wow, Kourtney. My heart aches just thinking of those individuals. I’ll definitely check the organization out. Thank you for putting not only your funds, but your blog, where you heart is.

  3. J.C.V. says:

    It is sad how children are treated. Foster children have such struggles in life.

  4. It's the little things that make life great.berry says:

    Good for u. Helping others feels good. Hope we all help.

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