Wait for Me–Book Review

This is a beautifully written, heart rending book about becoming yourself. It’s about how hard it is to break out of the confines of who you are expected to be.

The story is told through chapters alternating the POV between Mina, the older sister, and Suna, the younger sister.

Mina and Suna are the daughters of hard working Korean immigrants. Their mother expects great things from Mina. But because of Suna’s hearing impairment, she is always left in Mina’s shadow.

This is not a story of an overachieving sister though. Mina’s big secret? She can’t do math and her grades are in a tail spin. She’s so bound up her lies she can’t see any way out.

Until she meets Ysrael…

It’s a fragile lovestory where the triangle involves Mina choosing between Suna and Ysrael. Between herself and her mother.

Mina is at that point in her life where everything is closing in, but she doesn’t realize how many choices there are–if she will only own them.

The writing is absolutely breath-stealing. Sentences I found myself rereading to absorb just how powerful and image creating they were.

An Na sets a scene so well. I will definitely refer back to this book for how to bring a setting to life without paragraphs of description. She conjures up the library, the beach, the mexican restaurant with such vividness that I am sitting beside Mina trying to prod her along.

A stunning book and a great YA read!

You can find out more about the writer here.

And purchase the book here.

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