MWA Symposium Post

Sadly, I missed the MWA Symposium. But my writing buddy, Rhonda Lane forwarded me a great blog post written by Pat Remick about Lisa Scottoline’s talk on Protecting Your Candle.

Personally, I find myself having to say no to more people as I try to get my writing career moving forward. It’s not that I don’t love my family and friends, but writing has to be the center of my world.

How do you keep writing central and manage your personal life?

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2 Responses to MWA Symposium Post

  1. Loren Chase says:

    Honestly, I have no personal life! I’m sure someone out there is great at balancing everything but I tend to get absorbed into whatever I’m concentrating on at the moment and everything else gets put on the back-burner. I pride myself on being a multi-tasker but I still find it hard to find that simple balance between writing and a life. I envy those that do everything with friends, family, work, and still have time to have 20 crit partners and time to write a novel and get it published. It boggles my mind. Sometimes I think we just need to be a little selfish but not so much that people forget we exist. It’s really hard though! 😉

    • Mine’s pretty minimal. My writing comes first. But walking away from it to attend to the other things on my to-do list can be difficult. Let’s just say there’s been days I skipped a shower or a meal. It should be so easy to remain connected but social media feels like another drain on writing time. I think it’s necessary to say no or not right now. But to make sure that isn’t my patent reply. Otherwise, people will forget about me. Glad to know we’re both struggling with that delicate work-life balance. 🙂

Any thoughts or reactions or favorite foods you want to share?