Lemonade Mouth–Movie Review

When I’m feeling sick, the Disney channel becomes my favorite channel. I want light, fun tv. No violence. And a guaranteed happy ending.

Easter weekend, when my friend and I were stuck inside feeling blucky, I caught Lemonade Mouth on the Disney channel…and LOVED IT!

It’s Breakfast Club—minus the angst and plus a frosted-flakes-sweet ending.

I’m a sucker for the outsiders becoming insiders. And people inventing words. Probably because I’ve always exhibited those characteristics.

So this movie about a band of uncools uniting around music totally entertained me. The acting is pretty good and I loved the singing.

All the girls had unique voices. Bridgit Mendler’s makes me smile. Naomi Scott’s is sassalicious. And Hayley Kiyoko’s is breathy and sweet.

I like the overcoming-the-odds movies. They tend to rally my spirits and make me want to send out another query letter.

Okay confession? I downloaded the CD from Itunes. And I’m listening to it right now.

I’ve also developed a mild addiction to Wizards of Waverly Place. I tell my mom it’s research for writing YA, but I really just like watching it.

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