Beastly-Movie Review

I went to see the movie Beastly with my oldest friend, Lindsay, yesterday. Beastly is a modern-day take on the Beauty and the Beast story.

The gorgeous Kyle was well-played by the yummilicious Alex Pettyfer.  The actor really stepped up to the role of the beast, believably transitioning from golden boy to socially-ostracized shut-in. Vanessa Hudgens gave a winning performance as  Lindy (aka Beauty), a scholarship kid and outsider at their prestigious private school.

Both actors immersed me in the story.

Mary Kate Olsen as the witch who cursed Kyle was a brilliant turn. Neil Patrick Harris rocked as the blind teacher to the beast.

The plot is the same as the original story of Beauty and the Beast. And it’s an age-old story that still enchants.

At times, the pacing was a bit slow, but overall an enjoyable movie with a very talented cast. Total chick flick. Made us smile as we walked out to the car.

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