My Unfair Lady–A Book Review

This is a great travel read. I was headed to Killer Nashville on a tiny 80 seat plane and it made the flight fly by. I was looking for a distraction that wouldn’t tax my mind and a fun read. I found it here!

Let me start by confessing, I’ve been addicted to romance novels since I was a tween. So I am very partial to the genre.

Still I applaud Katheryne Kennedy‘s My Unfair Lady for its twist on the My Fair Lady/Pygmalion plot. Ms. Kennedy creates a quirky, engaging, lovable protagonist in Summer Wine Lee, a “frontier bred” noveau riche. Without spoiling the book (god I hate when people do that), she’s got the coolest collection of pets, a true bff, and a new spin on the spunky heroine.

The antagonist–The Duke of Monchester–is a total blue blood, but for the fact that he had a title and zero income. The writing is easy to read and the dialogue well written.

I polished this off during the first day of the conference. In my room, mind you, not while attending a session–way too much good info to absorb then. All in all, a great escape that left me smiling. Nice moral to the story too. 🙂

Thanks Ms. Kennedy!

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