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The Importance of Reconnecting with Your World

As writers, we are constantly told that writing is not enough. We have to market ourselves. To be interactive. To be visible. To be available. Online. I agree an online presence matters. But there has to be a balance between … Continue reading

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A Poem I’d Like to Share

This is something I wrote recently. I used to be a huge writer of poetry but they don’t rise up the way they used to. Maybe all that creativity funnels into my novels. Anyway, when this one came along, I … Continue reading

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Productivity Matters

Have you ever gotten really sick and needed a few sick days? I am in between jobs (still laid off), but I have chores and lots of writing stuff to occupy my time (when I’m not job hunting). Anyway, yesterday … Continue reading

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Vices: An essential outlet

Everyone has them. Most of us try to hide them. Some flaunt them. But have you ever noticed the consequences of tackling them? I have recently. At first I thought it was just me, but I realized a lot of … Continue reading

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