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What's a Good Day?

A good day is stepping outside and discovering a few of these little white flowers blooming and remembering how they filled the yard of your childhood home. A good day is looking up and realizing spring is here and I’m on … Continue reading

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Cemetery Walk

I’ve always been drawn to cemeteries. Fascinated by the quiet. Curious about how the dead are remembered. Or forgotten. On Thursday, Lindsay and I ended up walking through one. It was a lovely spring day. Perfect for a reflective walk. … Continue reading

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For Your Viewing Pleasure

I’m battling a nasty cold and losing…so for a change of pace here’s some pics…taken with my old cell phone and no flash. I kinda like them. Might be the congestion talking though. What do you think?

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Spring is Here

Saturday night, Emerson demanded a walk. He does this by sitting beside my desk, shuffling his feet and sighing with an occasional moan thrown in. It’s like living with a cranky old man sometimes. But he’s so damn cute, I … Continue reading

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it might be a bad day if…

You start the morning with your bottle of FrizzEase falling in the toilet and you actually contemplate taking it out of the bowl and spraying your hair because your curls are dying. Finally, common sense wins out and you don’t … Continue reading

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