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Discovering the Snough

So somehow I’ve managed to get myself sick again. Too much travel, not enough sleep, overexposure to public transportation, and bam I’m back to sick. Not so sick that I’m confined to bed. More of a half work day / … Continue reading

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Sick Days

I’m down with a bad respiratory infection. Had to cancel my trip to Nashville. My entire week in Nashville and NYC was ruined. I’ve been in bed all week trying to breathe. I’m closing comments because I need some more … Continue reading

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Winter Sickness

I hate winter sickness. It seems to take forever to come on and lingers even longer. After the stomach virus and triple migraine, I’m now in the midst of a sore throat, minor laryngitis, swollen glands, chest tightness, and a … Continue reading

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The Summer Palace

Today we woke at 9:30 planning a 10:30 breakfast of Peking duck. Yeah except the Peking duck place opens at 10 but doesn’t serve duck until 11:30. Wth. They are a duck restaurant that only serves duck 70% of the … Continue reading

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