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Wig Shopping with Grandma

  (This is not a picture of Grandma in her new wig.)   Last Wednesday, Grandma H decided we would add wig shopping to our to-do list. Grandma H has a good head of hair, but she doesn’t like having … Continue reading

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Gallavanting with My Girl

Today, my grandmother picked me up to go out on the town. She knows I have no car since I just moved back to CT 1.5 weeks ago. So she decided Wednesday will be our day to run errands and … Continue reading

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New Camera And Clash of the Titans

While at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, I noticed the zoom on my camera was sticking. Then I realized I’d had it 4 years and used it extensively. Time for a new model. So I went online and was quickly overwhelmed … Continue reading

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Why Math Matters

I should preface this post with a short explanation about handbags. I hate hate hate giant handbags. You know the ones that can double as an overnight bag? Perfect for transporting a turkey. Like anyone really needs that much space? … Continue reading

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