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My Revision Process

This is what my desk currently looks like… Because I am in the middle of massive re-visioning of my book. Everyone has a process for this. A plan of attack. Here’s what works for me. I print out the entire … Continue reading

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Policy Without Procedures Is Meaningless

A long time ago, a lovely gal worked at a place that shall not be named. That place had policies but no procedures. So the firm would put in writing that it would enforce it’s dresscode, but not actually explain … Continue reading

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Notes from the Revision Wars–Epiphany #337

This is what I thought my draft looked like before I started revising. I thought every work counted. That every scene was as streamlined as it could be. That the manuscript couldn’t be tightened. This is what it actually looked … Continue reading

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The Most Important Thing About Revision

The Most Important Thing About Revision? Absolute honesty with yourself. Know when you are settling for a good enough because you can’t come up with something better. Good enough is great as a place holder when drafting, but when revising … Continue reading

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Revision & Self Editing–Book Review

James Scott Bell is my hero. An electrifying speaker. I picked up his book at the Writer’s Digest Conference a few months ago. He takes a page-turning, straight-forward approach to revision and self-editing in his book, Revision & Self-Editing. You … Continue reading

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WD Conference–Revision: Learn How to Love It

Sunday at the Writer’s Digest Conference, James Scott Bell gave another riveting presentation on learning how to love revision. His argument is that if you know what you are doing and have enough tools to do it, revision can be fun … Continue reading

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