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Character Birthing–A Look Back

Is it okay to reblog one of your favorite old blog posts? Something you know no one has read before? I’m going to give it a shot today because my neck is bothering me and I need a typing break. … Continue reading

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Setting–my nemesis

I hate hate HATE writing setting. I can imagine the scene unfolding in my head. See all the background and the details. But they always feel like background. Window dressing. Never the meat and potato of the scene. And while … Continue reading

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Tell me a fable

So rewind to 1997. This was a fav song of mine. Fable by Robert Miles. As I came home tonight, out of the hellish heat of the subway and into the cool 80 something degree breeze above ground, a story … Continue reading

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Write what you know

I read a really interesting article in The Writer magazine about how the concept of writing what you know makes very little sense. In his article, “Write what you know—and be sorry,” Kris Saknussemm drew comparisons to Mordor and bullet ricocheting around … Continue reading

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