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Shifting Priorities

A good friend once told me you have to go backwards to go forwards. And I do think a lot of the answers are in the past. Or at least the perspective I craved. Being somewhere I lived for 8 … Continue reading

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Falling Out of Love With a Dream

Since I was a teenager, I have been in love with China. The culture, the history, the language. Everything about China enamored me. Even the politics intrigued me. In college, I minored in Chinese and spent a summer abroad in … Continue reading

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Coming Home

No matter where it is…there is a place you consider home. For the past six years, it has been my one bedroom apartment in FiDi. It is all me. The clutter. The books crowded into double rows on each shelf … Continue reading

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The Times They Are Changing

Did you ever want something and not want it at exactly the same moment? I have. I crave stability and security. I build an entire world and then it starts to suffocate me. And inevitably, I desire change as much … Continue reading

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