I Hate Endings


I hate endings. I know they are a part of the cycle of life. That every good story must have a beginning, a middle, and an end. That people come and go in our lives. That friendships that should have lasted forever don’t. It’s just the natural progression of things.

Logically, I get it. But emotionally, goodbyes are always heart wrenching for me. Because they feel so final.

It makes me terrible at letting things go.

I delayed reading the last Harry Potter book for 2 years. Do you know how hard it was to avoid all those spoilers? Luckily, by then I had my own characters to keep me company. It was the only way I could say goodbye to Harry and Hermione.

Now, there’s True Blood. I loved the Charlaine Harris books. Practically inhaled them. But I still haven’t read the last two. Because that’s it. Then it’s over.

I just got around to watching the last season of True Blood on HBO. I spent six years hanging out with the folks in Bon Temps. I didn’t want to stop hearing about their lives. But it was time to say goodbye.

It felt incredibly well executed. Especially how things went down between Sookie and Bill. Like we were always headed that way from season 1. It was a very satisfying ending.

But it was still an ending, so I had to prepare for it to be over. It took me a while to be ready to say farewell to my favorite characters. And I still cried.

Now, I’m finally watching the final season of How I Met Your Mother. But I can only do it because I missed a lot of the previous season so I know there is more. That this ending isn’t a complete ending.

How do you feel about endings? Do you have trouble finishing the last book in a beloved series or watching a final season of your favorite tv show?



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29 Responses to I Hate Endings

  1. Ally Bean says:

    Good question! I dislike beginnings so endings come more naturally to me. I’m terrible at starting anything, but once I’m in the process I want to see it through… to the end. Different strokes for different folks, eh?

    • LOL. That’s interesting. I sometimes hesitate to get into a new show or series of books because of how much time it will take up. 😉 The weird thing is I’m very Type A with my work. Everything gets done on time. But with my personal life, I despise endings. 🙂

  2. lovetotrav says:

    Oh my goodness. This is a post I could have written, but not as well as you 🙂 I can so relate to it on every level. I have been watching Netflix and then having to wait painfully for more seasons so it feels like an ending, even though I am aware it isn’t. With a great book, I am in mourning as I get closer to the end and then I want another, just like that one. I am keen to know how it ends and then when I know, I don’t want it anymore. Cheryl

    • Aw thank you! And I bet you could have done just as good a job conveying this. 🙂 Yes, that waiting is terrible. I tend to delay the end of a really great book. It’s so hard to part ways–especially a standalone where it’s one and done. I feel exactly the same way! Hugs.

  3. Letting go is always hard to do in life Kourtney.. However if we did not have endings, we would not have new beginnings 😉 LOL.. And yes sometimes we just want the story both fictional and in real life to keep going on and on..

    Wishing you a Wonderful week as you explore your favourite reads and programmes 🙂

  4. Letting go is hard – I often delay something, then rush through it and wish I’d delayed it more 🙂 I’m quite impressed you managed to delay the last Harry Potter for two years though!

    • It is. When an ending is coming, I usually start something new to distract me. I’m already half way out of what is ending so it’s not so emotionally devastating. Yes! I often wish I delayed books and shows longer. It was before I was on social media. So all I had to do was avoid any articles about it online. It was hard but not as impossible as it would be today. 🙂

  5. Carrie Rubin says:

    I’m with you. I hate when my favorite shows or book series end. Dexter was the hardest for me to say goodbye too. Loved that show. As for books, I will be sorry to see Sue Grafton’s A to Z series come to an end. She’s up to W, so it won’t be long. Sniff, sniff.

    • LOL. Great minds Carrie… 😉 I never got into that, but it’s on my list. I like letting a show build up multiple seasons and then binging on them. Let’s me know I have something to come back to. Oh yes. I have to confess I haven’t started her series yet. And I love knowing I will have 26 to get through!

    • Carrie, I’m a Sue Grafton/Kinsey Millhone fan, too! I’ve been following her since the early 90s! Not looking forward to that “Z” book.

  6. Sheila says:

    The hardest thing is saying goodbye to our own characters – maybe that’s why I’ve been revising for years now. 🙂

  7. EllaDee says:

    I’m an ending tragic… sometimes I feel a bit sad… or cry. I love series. I’m pleased to see you are thinking send writing series. I’m looking forward to meeting up with Kai, Oliver and the cast of Six Train again.
    And in some cases other media will fill the gap. I’m a Dianna Gabaldon fan and am eking out her novellas to stave off the end and the G.O. and I are watching the TV series and we listen to the audio books on long car trips. I just finished reading The Scottish so have to say farewell -not goodbye- all over again.

    • Yup. I’m the same way. Both TGWIG and TSTTW are series. My other book is part of a trilogy. Though I am getting the hankering to try a standalone just for the experience of it. 🙂

      Yes it does. Like when the books ended but the Harry Potter movies continued on. I love her concept but haven’t read the books yet or watched the show. Again, it’s a big time commitment so I haven’t jumped on it yet. But I like knowing it exists and there’s a ton to read and watch there. 🙂

  8. TBM says:

    Way back in the day, I used to love Cheers. To this day, I still have not watched the very last episode.

  9. Lori D says:

    Not a real fan of endings either. The one good thing about TV shows is that they have reruns, and we can still see the characters we feel are our friends. A book is different though. I suppose we can read it again, but it’s not the same with a book for some reason. How about when you end a novel that you’ve written? Is it still sad for you? I find it satisfying that I actually finished.

    • That’s true. I used to really love that, but the thing is the story isn’t going onward anymore. It’s almost like remembering old friends rather than sharing new moments together. It’s hard with a book to read a section vs. watch an episode. When I’m writing, I know I’m writing series so ending a book isn’t painful. I know there is more story to come. 🙂

  10. jmmcdowell says:

    Maybe that dislike of goodbyes is why I also see my books as potential series rather than stand alones. 🙂 I’m terrible at saying goodbye, even if it’s to something I view as “good riddance.” Given how hard beginnings can be for introverts, maybe this is to be expected?

    • It’s definitely why I write series. I’m okay if it’s my choice to leave. Only when I’m left. I think it has to do with being left when my bio dad divorced my mom. Every time someone leaves, it hits that emotional landmine. I kind of enjoy figuring out beginnings in stories. Though I hate starting conversations. 😉

  11. I don’t like endings either. But with books and movies and TV, at least you can re-read or re-watch the book or movie/TV show. So, I often do that and I feel much better!

    • That used to help me too. It still takes some of the sting out. But then it hits me that the story is over. There is no more forward momentum. There is nothing new to come. And then I’m sad again.

  12. I LOVE this. Feel like I could have written this post, because I hate endings, too. Like right now, I’m avoiding the final season of Mad Men, because I want to savor the last episodes. Thom watches and records them on the DVR, so I can get around to them later. Much later! And Downton Abbey is ending too! I feel the same way with a great book series 🙁

    • Thanks Gwen. That’s awesome. I always thought I was weird about my shows and books. Totally understand holding off on Mad Men. I never started watching so that’s one I can enjoy later. 😉 I don’t like letting things go when I’m still enjoying them. I’m just not ready for it to be over. I’m really bummed that True Blood is done. I’m trying to get into Game of Thrones but it’s really complicated and I’m really tired at night and want something easier.

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