Five Years of Blogging


Okay not a 5th blog birthday cake, but you get the gist.

February is my fifth February blogging and my blog’s fifth birthday.

So I thought we’d look back at a post from each February of my blog’s life.

 February 2010:

Character Birthing

My first ever post to this blog–before I knew how to insert links or images. I was living on Wall Street and writing part time back then.

 February 2011:

I <3 Venezia

 I was on a daily posting schedule during my trip to Italy. Pictures in posts weren’t happening because I didn’t have the ability to move them from my camera to my iPad.

February 2012:

The Things My Grandma Says

I’ve shifted to a five day a week blogging schedule. Hanging out lots with Grandma H and capturing the hilarity that is her.

February 2013:

Just Breathe

I’m posting a few times a week now. Gearing up for my debut novel’s launch.

February 2014:

Last Week’s Events and Such

Posting a couple times a week and I’m doing author events–talks, workshops and signings!

February 2015:

Weekly posts now.  And that would be today’s post. 🙂

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44 Responses to Five Years of Blogging

  1. davidprosser says:

    It’s funny how we change until we find a schedule that suits us around our daily lives.You’ve gone up and down he scales here Kourtney as things have happened in your life. It looks like you’ve found the right balance.
    Happy 5th Blogaversary.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • So true David. I’ve settled into this once a week posting and I think I’ll be here a while. 🙂 It’s manageable and it lets me get all the writing and promoting done. 🙂
      Thanks. Hugs, Kourtney

  2. It was really fun to take a stroll down blogging memory lane with you Kourtney and to see they way you’ve progressed. A good dose of words from grandma H always helps. I’ve been to Venice a couple of times but I’d love to go in the off-season and experience it in the fog!

    • Andrea, there were so many moments I forgot about. Almost like I wrote them out of my head. So it was cool to go back and revisit them. Piazza San Marcos in the fog was really cool. The vaporetto ride over from Lido was a bit scary but what a memory to make. 🙂 Venice was my favorite city in Italy.

  3. Zambian Lady says:

    Happy anniversary and wishing you many more.

  4. Carrie Rubin says:

    Five years already? Wow, I didn’t know you’d been blogging that long. WordPress should have an award for that longevity. Most blogs barely make it a year. Congrats!

    • I didn’t have many followers the first year or two. Basically me posting to an invisible audience. But man did I post in those early days. LOL. That would be lovely. I may not be freshly pressed but darn it I stick around. 🙂 Thanks!

  5. Ally Bean says:

    Congratulations. Fun to see where you started and the process that has brought you to here. Hoping to see you around for another 5 years, at least. 😉

    • Thanks. It’s crazy to look back and reread some of those old posts. Especially my rants on elevator etiquette or Xi’an. I forgot how much that upset me at the time. Aw hope to be seeing you here at least another 5 years too!

  6. EllaDee says:

    Congratulations, even in the time of our association a lot of other bloggers have come and gone, that’s an admirable accomplishment and a lot of posts particularly combined with all your writing, promoting and back-end stuff. I must have found you after Feb 2012 because my hand automatically mouse-clicked on The Things My Grandma Says, which I hadn’t read before… Grandma H never disappoints 🙂

    • Thanks. It amazes me how many bloggers aren’t around anymore. I’m a little surprised that I’m still here. 🙂 LOL. Most of my followers came in in late 2012/early 2013. Oh she’s a hootenanny. Glad you got a new one to read!

  7. Elle Knowles says:

    Congratulations! I’m bookmarking those posts and will try to read them all because I don’t go back as far as you! 😉 ~Elle

  8. Very cool, Kourtney! And look how much you’ve grown in that time. Super happy for you. 🙂

  9. Jen says:

    Congrats Kourtney!

  10. Lori D says:

    What a great idea to look back at the years past. Fun to read the first couple of years when I wasn’t following. Congratulations on 5 years.

  11. Mayumi-H says:

    Happy 5-year blogiversary, Kourtney! So glad you have shared your journey with us. <3

  12. Hooray! What a great idea to review what was then. (and it goes to show, if you write, they will arrive and read!) Cheers!

    • It’s funny to look back and see how far the blog has come. I loved those massive paragraphs without photos. I think it took me a month or two to finally get the nerve to ask my best friend, who was also blogging, how to insert photos. 🙂 It was taking the time to invest in others, that got them to invest in me too. 🙂

  13. jmmcdowell says:

    Cool fifth anniversary post, Kourtney! It’s been fun to revisit those earlier posts with you and see how far you’ve come. 🙂 I’m looking forward to the next five years and beyond!

  14. What a fun jaunt down memory lane. I remember those posts over the past couple of years, but I didn’t know you’d been blogging for 5 years! Here’s to the next 5!

    • It was kind of cool to go back through old posts. I’m glad I’ve had this blog to document different times in my life. Yeah, 5 years. The first few were very quiet lonely blogging years. But I eventually found friends. 🙂

  15. TBM says:

    Woooohoooo for five years! That’s awesome! And I’m so glad we met. Blogging is wonderful that way.

  16. Dear Kourtney.. So sorry I have been absent for a while.. Congratulations with your 5th year Anniversary.. Brilliant.. Well done you xxx 🙂

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