Lost Hikers, Halloween Hijinks, Back to Middle School, Holiday Fair, and Car Meltdown

My best friend from NYC, Brett, came to visit last weekend. Since fall is here, it’s the perfect time to take a hike. Which is what we did last weekend at Ragged Peak in Berlin. We also managed to somehow hike onto the unmarked trails. Luckily, a kind bicyclist gave us directions back to the route.


It’s also the season of Halloween Parties. Brett and I coordinated costumes for the extravaganza at Dan’s Saturday night.





Saturday day,  I was at Alcott School (what was my old middle school) at the 33rd annual Arts and Crafts Fair sponsored by the Farmingbury Woman’s Club.  I sold a bunch of books and helped raise some money for the Club too!


I saw my old kindergarten teachers there. And they both bought book–big thanks to Miss Pam and Miss Diane!


In September, I sold 25 books.


Upcoming Author Event


I’m going to be at Mulberry Gardens of Southington’s Craft Fair this Saturday November 1 from 10 am to 3 pm selling autographed copies of my novel and my original photography from the novel. And Emerson would like to invite you to stop by and get a jump on holiday shopping!




As I was driving home from coffee with a writing friend on Wednesday, this happened. The dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree. And the speedometer and RPMs both dropped to zero while the car was going 30ish.

(Note: I took the picture after I parked in my driveway to illustrate what was happening with the dash. I never use my phone will driving.)

It means I probably won’t have a car for a month or so. We’ve still got to get it up to the dealership and get it looked at.

And my upper eyelids have been swollen for 3 weeks. I thought it was stress. Then maybe pink eye. Then allergies. Possibly a sinus infection. I’ve got a doctor appointment this week to find out. Thank goodness for tea bags–they are the only reason I can see. They bring down the swelling and pull the gunk out.


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30 Responses to Lost Hikers, Halloween Hijinks, Back to Middle School, Holiday Fair, and Car Meltdown

  1. kathils says:

    Oh my, I hope your eyes get better in a hurry. Your car sounds like those movies, when the aliens come, or the apocalypse and someone uses an electro-magnetic pulse and… well, zombies, etc. But since none of that happened, I guess getting it to a mechanic is probably the best course of action. 😉

  2. Carrie Rubin says:

    I couldn’t even tell you the name of my kindergarten teacher. How cool that you got to see yours. Sorry about the car and the eyes though. Hope both turn out okay. 🙁

  3. Congrats on seeing your teachers from so long ago. And selling books. Your little dog is precious. But I am so sorry about your car!!!!! We depend on them so. And your eyes. I also had that problem a year ago. Use Sustain gel eye stuff (drug store over the counter) It saved my life. Especially use it at night.They have a night and a day. I used both and it cleared up. I was also sensitive to light. Are you? I am sorry. But there is hope. My problem went away.

    • It was really cool. They were as nice as I remembered too. Aw thanks. He’s my best buddy. Yeah, the car thing stinks. It will be a while without wheels. The eye thing is getting better. I’ve been soaking them with teabags. It has taken the swelling down a lot. Two more days to the doctor now. 🙂 Not horribly, but definitely more sensitive than usual. I think all the stress made it worse. When I’m stressed my body can’t heal things as well.

  4. Sorry to hear your Car went wrong when electric’s go its not good news! .. Love that you had friends to share Hikes and Halloween Parties with LOL.. and you are busy busy as usual.. So Love that cute little Dog Emerson, Is he yours?..

    Have a fantastic Week Kourtney..
    <3 Sue x

    • Yeah, I’m sorta wondering how much longer I’m stuck in October unluckiness. It was a blast having my bestie from the city visiting. Thanks. He’s been a great support and cuddler through everything. We’ve been together 10 years.

      Hope you have a great week!

  5. Letizia says:

    How fascinating to see your kindergarten teachers again!

    I hope your eyelids get better soon – that must be so tiring.

    • It really is amazing to see people decades later. Especially your first teachers! Thanks. It’s been hard to work with them like this. I tried ignoring it. But it’s really annoying and uncomfortable. The teabags helped but they still aren’t back to normal.

  6. Ally Bean says:

    Well, I guess if you can’t see straight then now would be a good time for you to be without your car. Not that either of those situations is ideal. Also, didn’t know about tea bag therapy. Will try that soon, says she with itchy eyes courtesy of ragweed.

    • LOL. Yes if bad things happen it’s best that they complement each other. I didn’t until my doctor’s office told me about it. Tea is an astringent and takes down swelling. Pretty cool.

  7. Lori D says:

    Good and bad news. Great about your book selling and fun with friends. Bad about the car and your eyes. I’ll keep a good thought for you. May you have a quick healing and be blessed with good health in your body and your vehicle. Do take care of yourself.

  8. Hope your eyes and your car get better soon Kourtney. Good luck with the craft fair.

  9. EllaDee says:

    I think Mercury Retrograde is lurking… you seem to be navigating it fairly successfully but I hope you emerge shortly fine and well from its clutches 🙂

    • Or I’m paying for something I did in a past life. Perhaps several somethings. 😉 Me too. I need to get out of all this bad stuff. This is the second October where my traditional career got decimated. I’m so over Octobers.

  10. What a mixed bag of news this week. Awful about your eyelids – I hope the doctor can prescribe a treatment! I remember your FB post about the doggone car. Ugh. Days like that make you long for city life? If someone told me I never had to get behind the wheel of a car for the rest of my life, honestly I jump for joy. I absolutely hate cars, driving, the whole shabang. Glad to hear you made some sales this past week, wonderful that your Kdg teacher was a customer! Now that’s life coming full circle. Hope all’s going well with your drafting & querying. xo

    • Turns out it was allergic conjunctivitis. Getting eyedrops to help. The car is going in in a week. Fingers crossed it gets fixed soon. I do miss public transportation. I miss being able to walk places. I hate driving too. And no one who lives out here gets why. Seriously. A very very cool moment. I’m toiling away on Six Train’s sequel. At 63,000 words. I’m doing one of my revisions should be done by Friday. It’s funny how important it is to my process. Hope you are doing great and enjoying that cool class–it sounds awesome!

  11. TBM says:

    glad you weren’t seriously lost. That can be scary. Way to go with selling 25 books!

    • I noticed that the trail stopped being marked. Then it split 3 ways. So I put some sticks in a pattern on the ground so we’d know where we came from. My friend laughed but it proved helpful. 🙂 Thanks!

  12. jmmcdowell says:

    Hope everything clears up soon! And that round of bad luck gives way to some sustained great news. Be sure to take some extra time to take care of you. 🙂

    • Thanks me too! The eyes are allergic conjunctivitis. Not contagious but still painful and uncomfortable. I got special drops. They help a bit. LOL. I’d settle for a little good news that lasts a few days at this point. 🙂 Will do!

  13. Chris Edgar says:

    Sorry to hear about your car — it sounds like no one was hurt and it didn’t suddenly screech to a halt or something like that, so at least that sounds like a plus. I would love to get the opportunity to share what I’m doing with my former kindergarten teachers — I’m glad to hear you got that chance.

    • LOL. I guess that’s a way to look on the bright side. It’s been a major inconvenience having no car for two weeks. It was a pretty cool day. They were lovely to talk with and as sweet as I remembered. 🙂

  14. So cool that you saw your old teachers. What fun. I had a similar thing happen with my car. The gas gauge registered empty after I filled it up. Then, it would jump to half a tank and stay there, so I never knew how much gas I had from day to day. I hope your car issue is nothing serious.

    • It was super fun! Ugh. That’s annoying. Dad got it up to the repair place, but they aren’t sure what’s wrong. Hope they can figure it out and fix it. I’ve been without a car for over 2 weeks now. 🙁

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