18 Things and My Bucket List



I stopped over Jamie Ayres’ blog to read about her publishing journey and her soon to be released book 18 Things. Her recent post, What Are You’re 18 Things,  got me thinking about my bucket list. And how many things I’ve done since my spine surgery and how many remain. I’m not sure where the original list went but 5 of my bucket list items are:

  1. Go to Hawaii
  2. Publish a book
  3. Fall in love again
  4. Meet at least 3 of my blog friends in person for tea or lunch
  5. Visit my writing buddy, Kat Bender, in Arizona and have a SW road trip

What about you? Do you have a bucket list? What tops the list?

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40 Responses to 18 Things and My Bucket List

  1. I like everything on your bucket list, though I don’t know #5. My list is a work In Progress, though visiting Australia is high up on that list. 🙂

  2. Kourtney, I have lots on my bucket list. I’m laughing as I read this because I keep doing beautiful things that aren’t on my list. LOL. i’m going to share some of your five items….

  3. Cat Forsley says:

    Love it 🙂 🙂
    hey some of those things are the same for me 😉 lol
    Lots of love xoxoxo
    C xx

  4. Carrie Rubin says:

    I’ve never actually made a bucket list. I think I should. But two things off the top of my head I know I want to do some day are 1) go to Australia and 2) live somewhere where I can have a citrus tree in my back yard. 🙂

    • I did it before my surgery. SO I had something to get better for and look forward to. To remind me why I was getting my spine repaired. Oh both are awesome items. I’d want a lemon tree. 🙂

      • I have a lemon tree in my back yard. So do my parents. So does my next door neighbor. So does my best friend. Can’t figure out what to do with all the lemons. They’re a drug on the market out here. Take my advice: Go for a Satsuma tangerine. I’d like to live somewhere where you don’t have to feel guilty about buying Christmas cards with snow on them.

  5. Jenny says:

    I would love to go to Hawaii. So pretty

  6. This is a great bucket list, Kourtney, and definitely do-able! Best wishes! I hope you can check off these items in the next year or two, and make up another bucket list to work on.

  7. jmmcdowell says:

    I’ll say things like “that’s on the bucket list,” even though I don’t actually have one. 🙂 Your #2 and #4 resonate with me, and I should include them on an official list. Australia would be fun because I have a pen pal there and some blog buddies. But I’d love to go back to Europe and see some countries I haven’t before…. So many good ideas—so little time and extra money!

    • I had one. A good one. And I can’t seem to find it. So I’m starting a new one. 😉 Aw, I hope you are part of my #4. Australia definitely sounds cool. I always wanted to explore the castles of Ireland and Scotland. I forgot to throw that one this one. But it’s item 6 when I add on. 😉 Exactly, time and money are major impediments. Ah well, at least some of the items only require a little of both.

  8. Definitely a good list because it’s manageable. Yes, Hawaii needs to be a big budget luxury trip…after the book is published to pay for it (must do a promo tour?) and after that #3 is accomplished so you’ll have company?(Or maybe that one’s waiting in Hawaii or in the airport on the way?)

    • Thanks. I reserve the right to add to it in the future. But for now, those are the top 5 that sprung to mind. 😉 Hawaii feels like it should be expensive and decadent. Yes, after the book is published and hopefully bringing in some money. #3 is the tricky one. It happens when it happens, but either way Hawaii will be amazing. 🙂

  9. Top in my mind right now–a trip to Seattle and Alaska. Also to go to a conference and meet up with online friends. 🙂 And I think it would be fun to “skydive” in one of those simulator wind tunnels.

  10. jamieayres says:

    Great list . . . I’m all in for #1 and #4 . . . crossing #2 off my list in about a half-hour *shakes head in disbelief* Thanks so much for posting!!

  11. jbw0123 says:

    I want to finish a book I’m working on. Did a road trip to the 4 corners area in November AND LOVED IT — so hope you get to do the same. UMM doesn’t Hawaii sound nice right now??? Happy trails and looking forward to your celebrations as you check each thing off your list.

    • Great items. Wow that sounds amazing. It certainly does. It may be a while before these get met. They’re long term goals. Though I am self-publishing this spring so at least one will happen in 2013. 😉

  12. You have some fun goals, Kourtney! I don’t have a bucket list, per say, but there are many places I hope to travel to and see (India, the Grand Canyon, Maine…), and loads more books to write. 😉

    • Thanks August! Bucket list can feel a bit macabre when you’re under 60. But do before I die goals sounds worse. ;P Travel is so mind growing. I learn so much about myself when I’m in unfamiliar places. Yes, many many more books. 🙂

  13. Pete Denton says:

    Your list is certainly doable, whereas I see some other lists and think, yeah, right. Like your going to do that!

    I share the want to publish a book and there are many places in the world I would like to visit. Canada and the U.S. again for a start. I’d like to start a small independent publishing company as well. One day. 🙂

  14. 4amWriter says:

    I don’t have an actual bucket list, but I always tell myself ‘one day I’d like to…’ and then fill in the blank depending on my mood. But the one desire that has never changed is ‘to publish my book(s)’.

  15. EllaDee says:

    Let me see… my muses tell me it’s a great year for those 5 bucket list items to happen for you 🙂 I think bucket lists should have tier 1 and tier 2 items. It’s good to have a list that you can actually tick things off and one of longer term dreams. I tend to scribble plans/immediate bucket lists on yellow post-its (to hand on my office desk)… from the 2011 list where the year was changed to 2012 list I accomplished: buy towels!; health & fitness – I walked each morning all year; decrease debt; work towards exiting the city – that’s a day by day thing… I’ve now updated the year to 2013… leaving on all the items except towels. I’ll work on: holidays & weekends away; increase savings; ride motorbike more with G.O.
    My tier 2 list is: travel around Australia slowly; vege garden; chooks; give a home to some 4 legged furry-ones; have a market stall.
    We all need to put it out there. How else will the Universe recognise whose dreams belong to who, and send them to us 🙂

    • Lol. I agreed on the tier thing. I think of resolutions as this year’s to do list. These bucket list items are more 1-10 year things. I’m excited if they happen sooner and the publishing will, but if it’s later on the other items that’s cool too. 🙂

      You have some terrific tier 1&2 goals there. Wow walking everyday. That’s quite an accomplishment.

      Definitely need to articulate it to the universe or else she might get confused and send you the wrong things. 😉

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