Deifying the Dead

When someone dies, it’s natural to mourn them. To grieve the loss.

To remember the best of them.

But to pretend they were never human. That they never made mistakes. That is an atrocity.

Don’t deify the dead.

They weren’t saints. They didn’t shit gold. And no one should try to rewrite them into perfect beings.

Let them go. Faults and accomplishments. They can both be spoken of. That is what it means to be human and to pretend they were otherwise does no good for anyone.

Don’t deify the dead.

There is no need to make a public spectacle of the mourning process. Cry in the privacy of your own home and feel a loss without a camera capturing every precious second of it.

Don’t deify the dead.

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6 Responses to Deifying the Dead

  1. Jenny says:

    Kind of hard for the celebrities. They’re deified when alive…another atrocity. Funny, they put their pants on the same way we do.

    Mourning is a private affair. The rest of us should remember that when we’re all up on someone’s grief.

    • I firmly believe we traded kings and queens for celebrities. I’d rather have a monarchy in America than worship a celebrity. This obsession with every second of their lives is insane. I don’t care what Beyonce bought at Fred Seigel or if her hair was a mess when she went to get coffee. She’s a human being. She’s a talented singer and beautiful woman but that doesn’t make her shit gold.

      Mourning should be a private affair. Grief is a painful process and fans should not intrude on the family. I get that fans are sad about Whitney but it’s spiraling into a competition of who has more grief. That’s wrong.

  2. You’re right, being dead doesn’t make you a better person. Unless you’re Hitler.

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