2011 Resolutions Update

Resolution #1: Lose 35 lbs in 2011 and keep it off.

Status: Lost 22 lbs total and then gained half back by the end of the year. Overall, I lost and kept off 10 lbs.

Resolution #2: Finish drafting my second novel by May 2011.

Dunzo!!!!  Finished drafting March 31! Finished editing July 1. Started querying agents in mid-September. Got a couple requests. Did another round of revisions.

Resolution #3: Send out queries until someone falls in love with my YA novel.

Sent out 117 queries for my first book. Waiting to hear back on a full request. Decided to revise in January/February and attend SCWBI conferences in January and April.

Resolution #4: Meditate and play with Emerson more.

Taking walks once or twice a week with Emerson. Meditate a couple times a week.

Resolution #5: Speak my mind  when asked.

Find I enjoy saying no. It’s nice not to bow to social pressure and do things I hate. People tend to appreciate tactful honesty a few weeks after the fact.

4/5 done pretty well. That’s a B. I can live with a B. But next year, I’m going to tackle the weight loss with absolute gusto.

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