Partial Removal of My Toe Nail–Take Two

I wish I’d been here today.

Instead, I went to the podiatrist and found out part of the ingrown toenail from 6 weeks ago remained in my toe. Despite the other doctor removing part of my toe nail and lancing the side of my toe.

Luckily, there was no pus pocket so no lancing was prescribed this time around.

Instead he told me he’d stick 3 needles of novacaine in my toe and then remove part of the toe nail and get whatever was left inside my cuticle.

He left the room to get the novacaine.

I turn to mom. “Those needles are going to hurt. I might swear.”

Mom says, “Squeeze my hand. Please don’t swear.” She uses a pleading tone like I said I was going to run away and get married at 18.

I sigh. “I’ll try not to but this really hurts bad.”

Again mom begs, “Don’t swear. Squeeze as hard as you need.”

But she knows me so when the doctor returns she confesses, “She might scream.”

He replies, “That’s fine.”

She hesitates. “She might swear.”

He says, “Doesn’t bother me.”

For her sake, I don’t say a F888ing swear the entire time.

He does use a topical numbing spray that helps. The needles still hurt, but it’s nothing like last time’s pain level.

I do squeeze the heck out of her hand.

I look down after he finishes the three injections. My big toe is all swollen up.

The numbing takes effect quickly and he removes the part of my toenail that is causing all the problems. I don’t feel it.

He holds it up and shows me the jagged piece that was embedded in my skin.

It’s all over in about 20 minutes.

My foot is numb, tingly and half asleep for a while.

The novacaine leads my entire foot to swell up. Guess that’s a side effect. Upside, I think the ingrown toe nail may be vanquished. Downside, my nail bed is achy tender and my foot feels half asleep and tingly.

What a lovely birthday present that extended into the Christmas holiday. Hopefully this will be better by Christmas Day.

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2 Responses to Partial Removal of My Toe Nail–Take Two

  1. berry says:

    Ouch. Ten million times. Brave soul u are. Goodmom. Have a nice holiday. You have good family.

    • Thanks. But this doctor minimized the pain. And as long as I don’t stub it I’m okay. Not so brave, I went straight to bed afterwards. Hope you have a great holiday. My family is pretty wonderful. I’m grateful to have them.

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