Weirdest Place Where Inspiration Strikes

I’d love to say that inspiration struck me here. That getting back to nature was my muse.

But it didn’t and it wasn’t.

The place where inspiration consistently strikes me?

It’s weird.

It’s the bathroom.

I got the concept for my adult commercial fiction novel while scrubbing the tiles in my tub. The conflict and POV came while I cleaned the toilet.

Every time I take a shower, I have an a-ha moment with whatever story I’m working on.

When I’m doing handwashing in the sink, bam the perfect word/turn of phrase pops into my head.

Mind you this doesn’t happen when I’m dusting or vacuuming.

There’s something bizarrely magical about the bathroom. It’s my muse place.

Not sure if it’s all the water or the sense of privacy, but that is my room of realizations and breakthroughs.

What’s the weirdest place you’ve been when inspiration hit?

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6 Responses to Weirdest Place Where Inspiration Strikes

  1. Ha! I love this, Kourtney. The important thing is that inspiration finds you period, right?? And we may as well benefit from our bathroom-ly duties.

    I get lots of inspiration while walking my dog and exercising. Seems physical movement shakes my brain waves, too.

  2. berry says:

    In mycloset. It’s small quiet and private. I get to think and be alone. Love it.

  3. Exiled Star says:

    I often get ideas while washing dishes, but that doesn’t make me stop procrastinating about washing the dishes.

    Stereotypical as it may seem, I do get inspiration directly from nature, especially walking around at night among the trees and hills.

    • It’s the chores I put off that usually end up helping my writing process. There’s something about changing focus that lets my mind have moments of brilliance in the mundane. That’s cool that nature helps inspire you. Walking my dog sometimes helps clear my head, but those big inspiration moments seem to hold back for bathroom time. 🙂

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